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Downloads To Make Charity ‘Appy


Most of us spend too much time on our smartphones. Look down any train carriage and you’re likely to see an ocean of iPhones featuring a bird being fired into the air or flying along a path avoiding brick walls.

There are over a million apps on the market waiting to be discovered, and in a world of technology, organisations are becoming more and more inventive to earn your download. None more so than with charities.

From games, to fitness, to even photography there are plenty of apps for you to do your bit, proving there’s more to life than Flappy Bird, and you don’t even have to put your phone away.

Hero Bears

 Hero Bears

About as addictive as Flappy Bird is Hero Bears. Raising money for Help for Heroes, this game takes you across the battlefields in order to protect wounded soldiers. You must run as far as you can, ducking, jumping and sliding across dangerous obstacles to take the wounded to safety. Collecting coins along the way, you must go in double quick time to gain a high score, whilst going too slow may result in a berating from Jeremy Clarkson, and nobody wants that.

Budge Challenge

charity 3

There’s nothing better than getting one over on your friends. Whether that be a race in the local park or a huge hotdog eating contest in the local bar, you can take on a mate at just about anything. Simply upload the challenge to Budge and the loser has to donate a small amount of money to a charity of your choice.

It’s a great way to make your wagers interesting, and do some good at exactly the same time.



And why not take a picture of your huge hotdog? People are becoming more and more interested in taking images of food, so Feedie has come around at just the right time. Teaming up with The Lunchbox Fund, this app allows you to dine out and feed the hungry at exactly the same time. Simply take a picture of your meal in a participating restaurant and the establishment will donate a meal to help children living in extreme poverty.

Play To Cure: Genes In Space


It may seem like an idea from the future, so it’s ideal the setting is space. The Rational Group have joined forces with Cancer Research UK to create an app that is not only as addictive as the likes of Angry Birds but also uses incredible technology to help fight against cancer.

Taking gamers on routes across the universe which follow real genetic patterns of cancer sufferers, you must blast through asteroids, whilst your route is relayed back to scientists for analysts as the world continues to look for a cure.

Donate A Photo


Like Feedie, this app is all about photography. The brainchild of Johnson & Johnson, you simply have to take a photo, upload it to the app and the family company will donate $1 to a cause of choice. So far the company has seen over 190,000 photos donated which have helped vaccinate over 2,000 children, restore multiple parks, and make sure 12 schools are blessed with clean water.

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