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It is probably a sign of times that most of us are already trying to tweet companies for response when we have a question, a complaint, or we just want to vent. O2 have just gone and made the whole thing official, bringing a world’s first, and launched #TweetServe, a new way for customers to find out a range of account information, without having to phone Customer Service.

It is believed to be a world’s first, it allows customers to tweet @O2 using specific keywords, and get account information such as their balance sent back to them in a Twitter direct message. It is almost like what the internet (not the world wide web) was invented for!

“#TweetServe marks the next stage of our digital Customer Service transformation, which reflects the changing expectations of our customers said Feilim Mackle, Sales and Service Director at Telefónica UK. “As one of the first UK communications companies to have joined Twitter and with the greatest number of followers, we’re committed to keep pushing the boundaries in social media.”

But is it secure? O2 ensure us that it is. Customers will need to verify their mobile numbers before they can use it, and will only send account specific information via direct message.

“Twitter is a great platform for brands who want to connect directly with their customers,” said Dara Nasr, head of sales for Twitter UK. “We are excited to see O2 using Twitter to improve customer service and make account information accessible in real-time.”

To register: 

  • Follow @O2
  • Tweet: “@O2 #tweetserve”
  • You shall then be automatically followed by @O2, who will send a direct message with a verification code.
  • Once you have sent the text (do put an @ before your name), you will be set up.

Commands available:

  • #charges: Displays charges
  • #data, #text, #minutes: Lets you know what is remaining
  • #android, #windows, #ios: Receive news about your choice of operating system
  • #handsets or #offers: receive updates on these


You can opt out by texting #stop.

“We are excited to have developed #TweetServe with Telefonica and Twitter,” said Jay Patel, CEO at IMImobile. “The service marks a step forward to the next generation of digital customer services in response to a change in customer behaviour and delivers easy and direct access to the most common service requests. We are committed to keep supporting Telefónica as they expand their digitally led customer service strategies.”

This just shows that social media is gaining extreme importance as time goes on, and will be an integral part of all the services we shall receive.


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