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Lets face it, we all end up helping our parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents with their technology. It isn’t their fault really, not everything is designed to be intuitive, and the latest spell of everything being connected to the internet, communications and all that means there really isn’t any other way.

So what do you do?

You get them Breezie! The idea is simple. You buy them a tablet that has been pre-configured for what they want, with the contacts and apps already configured to as they (or you) like, and best of all, it allows you to remotely provide help through a computer, tablet or phone.

Breezie comes on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and all this magic happens through the Hub, which is their special software allowing you remote access, as well as support.

It costs £329, including the tablet of course, and also includes a year’s subscription to the Hub and unlimited support through telephones.

Breezie’s founder and CEO, Jeh Kazimi, comments: “Humans shouldn’t need to get more technical, it is technology that needs to get more human. Until now, there has been no solution for using the internet that perfectly addresses the needs and concerns of an older, less digitally comfortable audience.

“Our goal was to design software that makes the online environment considerably more accessible for people with little or no technological nous, and to do so without patronising or limiting them. Breezie is about giving people a solution that works straight out of the box and lets them see the universal and immediate benefits of being online.”

For more information, as well as how to buy one, visit the following link:

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One thought on “Breezie – The tablet for your grandparents!

  1. If anyone is thinking of buying this for a relative I’d say avoid it like the plague. It’s ridiculously and unhelpfully locked down (eg the button for Chrome is labelled “Chrome Internet Search” and can’t be changed) and any half-PC literate relative could do a better job at setting up any necessary shortcuts. Virtually all customising involves asking the Breezie admin people to make changes, and if it’s not in their standard range it won’t be done. I made the mistake once of checking my emails on my dad’s Breezie and found that it had changed the default email account to mine next time he tried to use it.

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