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It is no surprise that most of our music now lives in the form of digital media on our computers. It is simple, convenient, and so much easier to carry. However, it is also not much of a secret that a computer’s audio output will just not deliver the kind of quality a music connoisseur would appreciate.

Audioengine have a couple of solutions for you, the D3 and the A2+.

Audioengine D3

Audioengine D3

This is for the person on the go. This small USB stick sized device gives you a 24 bit USB DAC and headphone amp. Slip it into any USB slot, on a MAC or PC, and off you go. No additional power supply, no software to install, and just sit back and enjoy the music. The case is stylish and durable aluminium, and they have even thrown in a 3.5-6.3mm headphone adapter.

“If you’re looking for an ultra-portable DAC that drives even the lowest-impedance headphones, the D3 won’t disappoint,” says Audioengine director, Brady Barquenquast.

This is designed specifically for the kind of people who like to download high resolution audio. It retails for £165, and can be found at a wide range of stockists, including Amazon.

Audioengine A2+

A2B lifestyle

And what if you want some speakers as well? The Audioengine A2 has been upgraded, and they now bring to you, the A2+, which includes a USB DAC, a new power supply, and other enhancements. In fact, if you add the optional W3 adapter, they even become wireless!

The A2+ come in satin or high gloss white finish, and retail for £215. These can also be found at Amazon.



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