Review: Scosche StrikeLine Pro



I love reviewing a simple device, gadget, or toy. Scosche’s StrikeLine Pro is another one of these.

It is a retractable charging and syncing cable, which has been designed for all of the Apple products that support the Lightning port.

The cable fits in the palm of your hand, and retracts to a lovely tangle free compact package when it is retracted.

When expanded, you have 3 feet of of a USB cable at your disposal.

The nature of the retracting system is that you can actually expand it to whatever length you want between full and minimum. In fact I have something similar for my satnav in the car, and this is exactly what this would be doing for me too. That means that you don’t have any hanging cables in your car, and it all remains neat and clean.

This is priced at £19.99, and is available from the likes of Amazon and


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