Review: Braven 710 – The Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker



What is it?

This powerful little speaker from Braven surprises all with the immense list of features it possesses. On top of that, IT IS LOUD! SERIOUSLY LOUD. Okay, back to the question. These are a set of tiny Bluetooth portable speakers that come built in with features such as NFC pairing, and the ability to pair with other units to give you true Stereo sound.

Look and feel

This product is inspired to impress straight from the word go. In fact, we found the dual opening sliding mechanism of the box cool enough for us to play with that for hours.

You have two little strips on the box on either side. Pull the white ones, and you get the cable and booklet. Pull the black ones, and this tiny little speaker shows it’s face.

Incredibly small, but awfully sleek, this is made of aircraft grade aluminium, less than 400 grams, and beautiful to look at. On one side is a flap which hides some ports and buttons, while the right side shows the power/volume/connect/play buttons. Simple, beautiful, elegant.


Setup or pairing are as simple as it gets. Once you have turned these on (holding the power button), holding the play button puts it in pair mode. From here you can either hold your NFC capable on bottom of the speaker to pair it, or do the usual scan for device, and pair it that way. Either option was easy, and incredibly simple to use.



This speaker comes full of features:

  • 12 hour play time.
  • NFC pairing
  • Can act a Bluetooth Bridge to stream to any home stereo
  • IPX5 water resistant
  • Power bank to charge your phones/tablets
  • Two speakers can be paired using TrueWireless technology for stereo listening
  • Includes volume control buttons, power button, play button.
  • Can act as a speaker phone, with built in noise cancelling
  • Only 388 grams, and tiny, making it extremely portable

Ease of use

All the features are incredibly easy to use. Music playback is simple, and not much is required to get all the features to work.

The sound

At the end of the day, it is all about the sound. For a tiny speaker, this is incredibly powerful. LOUD would be the correct word. However, we did notice that when set at it’s 11, there is a bit of distortion. However, around those sound levels, it is so loud that most sound would actually feel distorted. Generally though, it gave us an amazing sound, the treble and bass was good, the notes were clear, and the voices were heard loud and clear.

The speaker keeps amazing us at how powerful it is!


With it’s beautiful design, ease of use, immense functionality, and a very awesome cost, this speaker is heading straight to our Xmas recommendations list!

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