Bolt – A charger that comes with it’s built in battery



Before you wonder, it is the smallest portable charger according to their makers. But what is this device? Well, it is a USB charger, that comes with it’s built in two pin plug (UK plug soon, we hope!), and also packs in a 3000 mAh battery, so if you’re ever away from the wall charger, you can still use it to charge this, and at that power, you can easily get 2 charges out of it for your typical smartphone.


The device has already made 90k (USD) on Kickstarter, and has already proved to be very popular and successful. Now shipping to its backers, the device is also available to order for the general public. More can be found at their website:

The company mostly makes Apple based products, but as can be seen, this one goes for any device that charges off of USB. At 70mm x 34mm x 28mm (2.75″ x 1.33″ x 1.10″) it is the smallest portable charger, while the capacity is quite high by most standards. It comes in a smooth rubberised finished, and has 4 LEDs that indicate power.

This starts at $59.99, and I think the only problem I can find in  it is that so far it will plug into the US styled plugs, and no where else. However, I can easily see a Europe version coming soon, and they will have to bring a UK version if they want to win our hearts!

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