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Four Budget-friendly Christmas Gifts Your Kids Will Love

While Santa might have Christmas gift-giving down to a science, finding the right balance between budget and bang does not always come as easily to everyone else. Collecting your children’s Christmas wish list only to find it filled with iPads, laptops and DVD players can make even the most seasoned parent feel weak at the thought of costs. Fortunately, Santa shared a few of his wallet-friendly gift ideas so that parents, grandparents and loved ones can still find the presents that will be sure to win those beloved Christmas morning smiles!

1. Affordable Tablets

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While an item such as the iPad may not make a reasonably priced gift, a number of other tablets on the market are just as fun and user-friendly while still being economical. Check out the options at Lenovo to find the perfect fit for your child. As an added budget-friendly benefit, shopping with Lenovo also means free shipping and returns on all products so you can rest assured that you are getting the best value for your purchase. Not only will your child be thrilled with a new tablet, you can be happy knowing that it is both an entertaining and educational device!

2. Art Supply Fun

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Gifts such as crayons, markers, paints, coloring sets and coloring books all provide a fun Christmas present that will also give your children an opportunity to explore their artistic abilities. Crayola offers an endless array of colorful possibilities, including a design-your-own art chest that you can fill with child’s favorite colors, mediums and products. Whether you assemble one for each child or build a chest the whole family can enjoy, the options to draw, paint and create will fill your home with unique masterpieces long after the Christmas decorations have come down.

3. LCD eWriters

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​Whether your child loves to write, draw or practice their math skills, the Boogie Board eWriters developed by Improve Electronics provide the perfect option for at home or on the road. Available in a variety of colors and styles, the Boogie Board is an erasable, ultra-thin, ultra-light device that enables your child to write, erase, then write all over again—all on the same scratch-resistant LCD screen. Perfect for practicing spelling words, working on math problems or drawing any picture their imagination can conceive, this affordable product will make both parents and kids smile!

4. Movie Night Basket

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Creating a specially designed movie basket complete with snacks, treats and drinks is a Christmas gift option that will entertain the entire family. While families with younger children might enjoy putting together a collection that can be shared as a group, those with older kids might choose to create a unique basket for each child. Make sure to add each person’s favorite candy, popcorn flavor and beverage so that everyone has fun munchies to enjoy throughout the show. Disney has a movie selection that covers children, teens and adults so you’ll be able to find the perfect options for each member of your family!

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