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Apple announce iOS 7 update at Live Expo

I am not sure what I expected from the iOS 7 update, most people seem to be bored with iOS 6 so the new update may breathe new life and love into Apple iPhones.

The first update mentioned at the Apple Live Expo was the parallax effect on the wallpaper, I have had mixed reactions from everyone I have spoken to about this, some like the crisp contrast on iOS 6 and others are looking forward to a depth that the parallax effect will bring.

With the update you will be able to Swipe up from the bottom to bring up Command Centre and the notification Centre can be brought up from the lock screen as well as a swipe down from the top. Searching will also be more convenient; just pulling down from any panel on the home screen. Siri is also improved but not too much detail has been given about how, it has been implied that you would get more detail in the answers Siri gives.


I am not sure what it is about ringtones but this is definitely one of the first things we all used to check on our mobiles. With the iOS 7 update there are new ringtones and although this seems a small update I am sure everyone at some point will be checking them out.

There are a few picture updates; you will be able to group your photos by moments, based on time and location when they were taken. An entire vacation automatically pulled together into one group. You can also look at the full year view and tap on the lower left to share photos.

Music is always a big part of iPhones, and with the new update it will give you the chance to experience iTunes Radio.

iOS 7 will be free starting Sep 18th. For people that buy new Apple products there will also be a chance to download some best-selling mobile productivity apps.

The first app is Keynote. Keynote is described as the most powerful presentation program ever made. Pages and Numbers, iPhoto, iMovie and iWork are the other four available. Apple says that ‘No other platform has apps like these’. These apps will be free on all new is devices.

These updates have been much anticipated, I just wonder if they are enough. There will always be the diehard followers that will buy the next iPhone.

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