Review: Braun Series 3 3-340 Shaver

Braun Series 3 3-340


Braun are the leading name when it comes to health based products, such as electric shavers, trimmers, and tooth brushes. Over the years I have tried many of their products, and still use their toothbrush as my main brush.

What is the 3-340 then?

It is a waterproof shaver, which promises to give you the best wet shave possible, whether it is done daily, or after a weekend of stubble growth.

Some of the features:

  • 3 independent floating blades, 2 foil, and 1 middle trimmer.
  • A new improved foil geometry means that it provides better shaving experience, for a closer ¬†shave and optimum skin contact.
  • Works in both wet and dry conditions
  • The three floating blades give you a 3 step cutting system
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Long Hair trimmer on the back
  • Battery Display
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery, and a 30 min charge will give you a quick shave or two.

Price and availability

The Series 3-340 is available all across UK in stores such as Boots, Argos, as well as online retailers such as Amazon. The RRP is £99.99, though better deals can be found as well.

The experience: The Trimmer

So first of all, I’d like to cover the topic of the long hair trimmer. This is important because on the many shavers I have tried so far, the trimmer does work, but it doesn’t quite do enough. The trimmer on this, however, works very well. I was very impressed, specially since I could not only use it to trim and groom my side burns, but also to clean up my moustache as well as the area around the lips.

The experience: The shaver – dry

There are two ways to use this, dry and wet. First, I tried it dry. It works well, but I found it a bit irritating, and there was a bit of a burny feeling on my skin. After a little usage, and as I got used to the way the blades work, the experience improved.

The experience: The shaver – wet

I quickly moved on to the wet shave experience. I have tried wet shave with electric shavers in the past, and I often find that one of the issues associated with them is that you often can’t see under the shaving foam whether you have had a clean result or not. Once again, I found it took me a few goes at getting it ‘shaving’, but after that, the experience improved tremendously. I also noticed that while the first day it didn’t give me the best experience, the next few days the experience improved tremendously.

This tends to come from the fact that often shavers cut your hair a bit differently than regular razors, and that means that when you go from a razor to a shaver, the different angle can be an issue. However, once you have used your electric shaver over a few days, it tends to align properly, and the experience improves.

So yeah, after a few days of usage, the shaving became quicker and more efficient, and the skin felt better. Since this works well on a wet shave, I gave up dry shaves and stuck to the wet shave experience.

The verdict

I have tried many a shaver in my life, and I have often found my skin to be patchy when it comes to using them. I do own a particularly thick brand of facial hair, which often troubles shavers. Having said that, this one was able to give me a clean shave, and the experience only got better as I used it further. I would definitely recommend it, and would suggest you give it a few days before you make a judgement on it.

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