Samsung’s OLED TV available next week

    Samsung showed off their curved LED TVs earlier this year at CES, and today they have announced that they will be available in the UK from the 5th of September. Guy Kinnell, Head of TV and AV, Samsung UK and Ireland, said: “It’s great to be able to finally reveal Samsung’s Curved OLED … Read more

Android App Reviews: Yahoo Weather and Timely

Android app design is an unlikely focal point for tech headlines, but over the past week that’s just what has been happening. Two apps are at the forefront of the debate: Yahoo’s relaunched Weather app and an alarm clock app called Timely. Let’s take Yahoo Weather first. The app is actually quite beautiful, with nice typography and full-screen … Read more

Review: CleanSeal Liquid Screen Cleaning and Protection

We all love our smartphones and tablets, but nobody can deny that the touch screens are always finger-print magnets. Our shiny devices seem to pick up a lot of dirt and grease thanks to the constant need to touch them. Yes, you can keep cleaning your device, but better solutions are needed. So when I … Read more

Giveaway: MAGIX Music Maker

Any DJs in the house? Aspiring ones, or whether you just want to have a go at mixing some tunes, playing with some music, or just editing your favourite tracks. The Music Maker 2013 is the software for you! More about the software can be found at the following link: In their own words: … Read more

MiiCard – The answer to proving identity online

In the past  proving who you where was easy: you just looked them squarely in the eye, as you shook their hand. However, it isn’t so straightforward in the digital age. For example, how do you know the picture and the bio at the bottom of this  article is really me, and I’m not some … Read more

Stay Safe with the MYID – Emergency Identification Wristband

More and more people are now conscious about staying safe and keeping their loved ones safe. When this is not possible you have to hope that they receive the correct treatment as quickly as possible. ENDEVR, who are known to create products for health wellness and safety, are now debuting the ‘MYID wristband’. The ‘MYID’ … Read more

Featured Kickstarter: Evo One by Shooter’s Revolution

Kickstarter is our favourite place to go when we want to find exciting things, and once again we bring to you a new and unique product, that combines sports and technology.   What is it? A basketball that coaches you as play. The concept is simple. The game of basketball is all about getting it … Read more