MiiCard – The answer to proving identity online

In the past  proving who you where was easy: you just looked them squarely in the eye, as you shook their hand. However, it isn’t so straightforward in the digital age. For example, how do you know the picture and the bio at the bottom of this  article is really me, and I’m not some three headed alien? Well in this case it doesn’t really matter, but what if it was a dating profile? In that case it would be nice to know I am who I say I am! That is where MiiCard comes in.

MiiCard is a service that verifies your identity for you, so you can post it on whatever site you want, to prove who you say you are. They say it better than me, so check out this explanation from there site:


(Unfortunately they don’t have a video/explanation that we could embed in the website)

The idea is simple, and it works on the same principle your PayPal or similar services work. You link your bank account to their service, and once that is verified, you can use it to build your trust online. A bit like showing your license, or passport at the airport.

Setting up your MiiCard account is very straight forward. I was initially concerned at having to use my bank login details to verify my account, but they do not store this information and you can easily change your bank login details once you are done (if you are worried).  Once your identity is confirmed you can link your MiiCard to all your social networking sights and your signature on emails.

The MiiCard site is very secure, with 2 step verification as standard, and checking every time you log in via a new machine that you are you. The site itself is also an excellent place to find information about staying safe online. Follow them on Twitter @miicard to keep up to date with the latest information, and offers such as #fridayfun, in which you can win a YubiKey (http://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware/yubikey/) which you can use to add additional security to your MiiCard login.

As more and more of us live the majority of our lives online, services like this will become as much a part of our lives as a passport.  For this reason, the MiiCard is definitely worth a look.

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