Review: QDOS Q-BOPZ Bluetooth Speaker

Recently I had a chance to test out the Q-BOPZ bluetooth speaker from the folks at QDOS, and with the great weather, it’s been a perfect time to put it through its paces.

QODS speakers

Bluetooth speakers have been gaining popularity, and the Q-BOPZ comes in as one of the most well-priced members of the pack. For only £29.99, you get powerful, clear sound, in a small, sleek, cute package.

It’s available in 7 colours, and packed with features, including:

  • Compact (62 x 59mm), lightweight design
  • Wrapped in soft-touch silicone with integrated suction pad
  • Sticks simply to any suitable surface – glass windows, dashboards, desks, walls…
  • Attach to the back of your phone or tablet as a stand
  • Delivers clear sound with crisp playback through its 3W speaker
  • Wireless speaker range up to 10m
  • Up to 7 hours of play with rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Music pauses automatically when Smartphone receives a call for hands-free conversation…ideal as a car-kit

So how did it do?

The speaker is easy to switch on and connect. It synced up with my iPhone, MacBook, and Dell laptop with no problems at all. The buttons are all intuitive and easy to operate.

I’m no audiophile or heavy-metal fan, but I was impressed with the sound quality everywhere I used it. It packs a big noise for such a compact device. It sounded great on low volumes on my desk at work, louder while puttering around the house, and cranked up as we lounged out in the garden.

While you need to take a little care, as it’s not waterproof, it also feels nice and sturdy. I would absolutely be happy to toss this in my bag and use it to provide a soundtrack at a picnic or similar event, without worrying about busting it up.

The speakerphone is also a nice addition. It actually proved very handy the day I had to take a conference call on my mobile.

I’ve only got two complaints – both related to the silicone skin around the speaker:

  1. The black silicone makes it impossible to see the power/battery indicator light on the base, making it hard to know at a glance if the unit is on, and when the battery is getting low. The QDOS team did tell me on twitter that the black case is worst for this, and it might be “very difficult” to see, but I tried finding it in a blackened room (after pulling off and replacing the silicone sleeve to ensure I was looking in the right place), and it really doesn’t show through at all. 
  2. The suction cup isn’t exactly reliable. It sticks well, but doesn’t hold for more than about 40 minutes. I tried it on the back of my iPhone (with and without a case), laptop, and on my kitchen window. In every case, it fell off somewhere around the 30-40 minute mark. I wouldn’t consider it a dealbreaker – more of a small annoyance. I just wouldn’t depend on the ‘suction’ feature, and instead think of the shape as a quirky base. And I definitely wouldn’t trust it to stick to a car dash the way it’s shown on the website, unless you’re taking a VERY short trip, or are willing to risk having it end up rolling around under your pedals at some point (please don’t do that!).

Overall though, for the price point, and the core features, it’s a very slick little unit!

If you’re looking for an affordable, compact, portable, and very functional bluetooth speaker to provide a little extra audio to your activities this summer, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you pick one up!

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