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Lately the whole world seems to have gone Apple mad and to be honest so have I! I love Apple products, some people may not agree but personally I love them. I own an iPhone 4 and an iPad Mini; they are my favourite gadgets and my only gadgets! They are the only ones I can afford right now, they may be pricey but I think they are definitely worth the money. One of the best things about the iPhone and iPad are the Apps which are available on the App Store. If you already have an Apple gadget you’ll know what I mean but if you don’t then they are very easy to use. Here I will be showing you my top three best apps and explaining how to use them and why I find them so useful.

There are so many different apps available and you can choose from many different categories such as games, education, lifestyle, productivity etc. They are also in paid and free sections just in case you don’t want to spend a fortune on Apps. They come in so handy, some of them are just for fun but there are more serious apps that can be used for more important things.

So firstly my personal favourite app is called Bloglovin, this is all about blogs, and it’s free! If you haven’t guessed I am a UK blogger, and this app is perfect for me and I’m sure for other bloggers too or even just people who want to read blogs. Bloglovin is an blog reader app and it allows you to follow and keep track of all your favourite blogs, it also allows you to claim your own blog and keep track of your own posts all from one clever little app.



The first screenshot on the left shows how you can keep track of all your blogs and read all of the different posts, you can look at all the unread posts and also all the top blogs.

My second most useful app is Writing Desk, this app cost me £2.49 and is for the iPad but it is so worth it. Especially for me, someone who uses a word document a lot and also has to write a lot of different reviews or blog posts.

I use this so much, for blogging to write down ideas whilst I’m out and about or just to type up different articles that I need to do whilst doing any freelance journalism. This is definitely useful for anyone who uses word but can’t get access to it for any reason, if your away from home or just find it easier to type on your iPad, or even if you don’t own a device with word available. I fully recommend this 100%.



As you can see from the first screenshot, it’s basically just like a plain word document at first, until you add your wonderful words. The second screenshot shows that after you have typed you can sort your documents into categories and name them, then when you have finished you can export them to your email to use elsewhere.

Finally my final app is also free and is for people who use Sky or have Sky in their homes, it is the Sky+ App. If you have this then it is a perfect app for people that do own Sky, if you do then if you don’t already have this then go now! In all seriousness though, this is great for me. I find it so useful when it comes to recording programs and also seeing what is on TV. This can connect to your Sky box and you can record your programs when you are not even home. This app is for iPhone and iPad and is so easy to use!

Capture3 Capture4


The first screenshot is just a basic home screen and the second shows what is on and on what channel, kind of a like a basic what’s on TV layout. This allows me to view all the different channels and pick different things to record or view.

As you can see they are very useful to me, but many different people use millions of different apps every day. Everyone is different, and the big wide world of Apple is out there waiting for you to choose your favourite apps too!

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