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Usher star’s in Samsung Smart TV promo video

Usher Smart TV Viral 2

Samsung have been talking about their Smart TVs for quite some time now, and one of the features you often see them show off in ads is the new gesture control all these TVs are capable of. Well look no further, as Usher has teamed up with Samsung Smart TV and digital agency Huge to create a short film.

The video shows off Usher using gesture/motion control on his TV, before another Usher appears and seems to challenge him to a fight. As a gesture controlled fight takes place, users all over the city (country, world?) focus in on this action, using their smart phones and gestured controls of course.

Actually, just watch the video:

While it is a great attempt at showing off exactly what these TVs can do, and we’ll be honest, it does look very futuristic and minority report, we do have our concerns on how good all this actually is? Well, we haven’t tried it ourselves, so we only have this video to go by. Enjoy!

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