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Ever wonder what happens with all those photos taken all around the UK? All those teenagers and students posing with their mates, all those Instagrammers with their food shots, and all those pictures that go up on Twitter? Well, Samsung have just been involved in a heavy research which has gone into depths of British habits of taking photos and sharing them. The results, while not shocking, are very impressive, and the numbers definitely exceed the ones I would have thought they were.



The research done by Samsung was mostly to aid the sales of their Wi-Fi enabled NX300 camera. Some of the key points of their research showed that British people have a love of shooting and sharing!

  • 1 in 5 photos shot now is purely for an intention to share. 
  • 749 photos are shot and shared in the UK every 60 seconds. That is 1.1 million a day!
  • 328 million photos are shared online every month in the UK
  • Facebook receives most of the uploaded photos, with a 42% lead over Twitter.

The survey went through 3000 people, and while this may not represent the whole nation, it is a good number as far as such surveys and research goes. The impressive fact is not the number of shots taken, but the way and speed in which they are being shared across the internet. The simple fact of the matter is that our love for smartphones and connected devices has made this so easy that we just can’t stop ourselves.

The survey also looked across Europe, and the Spanish clearly win as 1 in 4 takes a photo and shares it in 60 seconds, second are italy, with 1 in 5, and Brits are 1 in 10.

Breakdown of social media share reveals that Facebook gets 53% of the uploads, followed by Twitter (11%), Instagram (7%), Flickr (6%) and Pinterest (2%).

The survey also revealed that 34% of the people in UK do not post anything online, and keep their photos as private records. This means that at least 631 million photos are kept as private memories, or lost. Obviously, the word ‘lost’ could mean anything, and in my opinion, it is a bit too negative!

Anyway, without further ago, here is the infographic!






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