Review: Otterbox Case for HTC ONE X



I’m not normally a fan of phone cases as I don’t see the point of owning a super slim and stylish phone and sticking a big clunky case on it. However, once you have dropped your slim stylish phone and smashed the screen, your outlook kind of changes on the subject.

A quick flick through the available cases on the HTC ONE X cases on Mobile Fun and I opted for the Otter Box Commuter Series Case. It arrived the next day in a small and easily accessible package (blister packs annoy me beyond belief).

The case itself is a two part affair (there is also screen protector included, but I have to draw the line somewhere).

First off is a snug fitting silicone inner layer, which adds the much needed shock absorption and some extra dust-proofing with port covers over the charging slot and headphone point; both the power button and volume rocker are completely enclosed in this first layer. Due to this, it does take a little more pressure to use said buttons.

The second layer is the polycarbonate outer, which fits over the silicone layer extremely well, to the point the case looks like one piece. This outer layer adds the impact resistance and does a sterling job of it. On the back of the polycarbonate layer are the all-important holes for the camera, flash, external speaker and microphone, all of which are in perfect position and correct size.

Assembling the case is very simple (there is an instruction card if you get stuck) and only took a couple of minutes.

As mentioned there is a screen protector, but as it is quite a thick one I opted not to use it, again there is a nice clear instruction card and an installation card to help with a bubble free application of the protector.

With the case installed you do notice an increase in the size of the phone, but it is negligible. The handset still feels comfortable in the hand and more importantly, more secure in the hand. When using the phone there is no change in the quality of the handset’s features, and making phone calls is a comfortable experience.

I’ve not actively been throwing my phone about over the last few days, so can’t say how well the shock resistance performs, but I do feel confident that if and when I do drop my phone again it will have a better chance of surviving than without the case.

The only downside to using this case is the extra pressure needed on the power and volume buttons but that is a very small price to pay for the excellent extra protection that is added.

I would definitely recommend this case to anyone with a HTC One X.

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