Fitbit Flex-First Impressions

Recently my well used Fitbit Ultra went to the big gadget shop (heaven?) in the sky, so I saw this as an excellent opportunity to upgrade to the latest model, and today my FitbitFlex arrived.


This small collection of plastic is what greeted me when I opened the refreshingly easy packaging on the Fitbit Flex. You get a short charging cable, a neat little Bluetooth adapter, the Fitbit Flex itself, a small sized strap and that’s it.  I am personally pleased to see companies doing small packaging for small gadgets.

You don’t even get instructions, just a webpage to log onto; but this works very well as it nicely steps you through installing drivers, setting up your Fitbit account, and setting up the Flex itself. I already have a Fitbit account, which is an excellent place to log as much or as little information as you want and a subject for a whole post.

I have an Android phone but not the Samsung Galaxy S3 so I can not sync directly. I hope this will soon be rectified.  At the  moment I can only view my stats on my phone but the option to sync while away from my PC would be nice.

The controls are limited to tapping the device until the option you want is reached. So far I have managed to display my activity (1 tap) and to put the  device into sleep monitor mode (2 ish taps) and turn the sleep mode off again. The only other one to test is the ‘silent alarm’ which I think is a very useful feature.


As you can see the device sits very nicely on my arm. There are lots of holes meaning it can adapt to any arm size. It is comfortable to wear. It is just heavy enough that you are aware it is there, but dosen’t get in the way.  In the interest of science I will be testing the waterproof claims of the Flex. So far I have worn it in the bath and to wash my hands with no ill effect.

I will post a fuller review once I have lived with it for a week or so, but so far I am very impressed with Fitbit’s first wrist mounted offering.

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