Pure Launch Jongo A2

Pure have today announced the Jongo A2, which is a wireless multiroom HiFi adapter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This means that you can take any audio system and turn it into a high end Hi-Fi and a music streamer. It comes with a built in high quality 24-bit DAC as well as optical and coaxial digital phono analogue audio outputs. It also supports multiroom, like the other Jongo products from Pure, and works well with the Pure Connect app. Beautifully designed, and with eye catching colours, this works well in any environment, and even comes with clip on covers for customization.

It starts at £99.


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Pure launches Jongo A2 wireless multiroom Hi-Fi adapter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

London, 6th June 2013: Pure announces the availability of Jongo A2, a wireless multiroom Hi-Fi adapter with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Available at an SRP of just £99.99, Jongo A2 gives users the flexibility to transform any audio system from a simple micro to a high-end Hi-Fi, into a music streamer. Jongo A2 also offers an easy way to integrate an existing Hi-Fi product into the Jongo multiroom music sys tem and enjoy perfectly synchronised music, radio and much more through their existing audio equipment.


Jongo A2 is engineered to provide high integrity and low distortion audio and comes with a high-quality 24-bit internal DAC (digital to analogue converter) as well as optical and coaxial digital and dual (RCA) phono analogue audio outputs. The digital outputs allow users to connect to a digital enabled hi-fi, DAC or home cinema amplifier and the analogue outputs allow connection to legacy hi-fi or other audio devices.

Jongo A2 is the second product in Pure’s new Jongo multiroom music system and works with the free companion Pure Connect iPad, iPhone and Android app. Music fans can enjoy a 30 day free trial of Pure Music*, Pure’s on demand music service.  Pure Connect offers an unparalleled combination of the best of radio and music in one place and takes the user on a journey of discovery with recommendations based on listening patterns and a selection of curated content from a range of trusted partners.

The Pure Jongo A2 can be used on its own or combined with Jongo S3 portable, rechargeable wireless speakers (SRP £169.99) to deliver the most flexible and accessible multiroom audio system on the market today. Jongo products use Wi-Fi to stream perfectly synchronised audio within a single or multiroom environment, while Bluetooth allows users to stream content from any audio app on their smartphone or tablet, including locally stored music, to a single Jongo product. Users can simply add extra Jongo speakers or adapters on the same Wi-Fi network to build their multiroom system.

Jongo A2 has been designed to stand out and is available in a range of eye-catching colours. Users can choose from a black, or piano (white with black covers) base unit and then purchase  clip on covers in burnt orange, lime green, mango or white (from £12.99) to match their home colour scheme and other Jongo products.

The new Pure Connect app for iPad is also now available to download. Using Wi-Fi along with the free Pure Connect app, users can get the additional benefit of listening to multiple, tightly synchronised Jongo products in a single room or in a multiroom environment. The new Pure Connect app currently gives users access to local music on their smartphone or tablet, over 20,000  radio stations, in excess of 200000 free on-demand programmes and podcasts, as well as 15 million streamable music tracks via the Pure Music subscription service*.


Coming soon: Pure is adding Jongo T6, a powerful, wireless stereo speaker to its Jongo multiroom music system to sit alongside the Jongo A2 Hi-Fi adapter and Jongo S3 portable wireless speaker.

For more information, please visit www.pure.comwww.pureconnect.com or call 0845 1489001.


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