Review: Blackberry Z10

By Sami MughalBefore I go into the full review, if you want to know my first few impressions of the phone, click the following links: cover the first few days of having and handling the phone. My impressions have changed over the days, so do give this a read as well. Blackberry for an Android … Read more

Review: Denon AH-D510R Headphones

By Sami Mughal Denon is a well known brand when it comes to headphones and this is one of their premium products. A great value for money, these headphones not only promise great sound but also include an inline remote with a built in microphone. This means that not only can you enjoy your music, … Read more

Review: Nexus 7 desktop cradle and charger

By Becca I always charge my Nexus 7 at home which is a bit annoying if my battery has drained on the way to work. Not that my battery drains very often, it lasts far longer than my other devices, particularly my phone but that’s a whole other post! Anyway, having a desktop cradle/charger seemed … Read more

Nike Training Club App Review

By AmandaAs I can’t afford a personal trainer, I am always looking out for something to keep me motivated and active. I stumbled upon Nike Training Club whilst browsing apps one day and figured I had nothing to lose by giving it a go, as the app is free. The interface is very clear and … Read more

Featured: Shamsi–Illumination through innovation

By Sami Mughal One of my good friends from university recently pointed me towards a project called Shamsi, and I thought it definitely deserves a feature on our website. The idea is simple and based on the renewable energy model. Third world countries around the world have major issues when it comes to electrical power, … Read more

Review: Blue Mikey Digital Microphone for iPhone

By Jen I’m no film producer or audio engineer, but I did take the Blue Mikey Digital out for a jaunt when we went to CU Exposed. I figured in such a busy atmosphere, it would be useful for recording demos or interviews with something approaching acceptable audio quality.  If you are a media-maker on … Read more

Tweetcaster updates to version 7.2

By Ammar Tweetcaster is one of the top apps for Twitter usage out there. Today, Tweetcaster released its new update with the following features and tweaks: You can bookmark your favorite followers, trends, searches and lists. The ”Interaction” feature has been added to the tablet version. Popular tweets and users are placed on top in … Read more

LG adds Spotify to its Smart Media Devices

By Sami Mughal LG is definitely on the top of their game at the moment as far as Smart TVs and other Smart devices are concerned. In the latest update, they have added the ever so popular music service Spotify. Read the latest Press Release below: LG INTRODUCES SPOTIFY TO ITS SMART MEDIA DEVICES Award-winning … Read more