Review: Denon AH-D510R Headphones


Denon is a well known brand when it comes to headphones and this is one of their premium products. A great value for money, these headphones not only promise great sound but also include an inline remote with a built in microphone. This means that not only can you enjoy your music, you can also use these to make calls.
The first thing you notice about the Denon AH-510R is how light they are. I like my audio, and I like my songs, which means I like end up buying and testing out a lot of headphones, and they all have their good things or their bad things, even if the bad thing is just the price of them. Since I am not really a big fan of in-ear headphones, I end up going with over the ear cans, and they often present a couple of issues: either they are too heavy, or they are too uncomfortable around your ears. These headphones, however, have a good feel, they are light, and they fit perfectly around your ear. I wore them while walking and jogging and they sit perfectly.
Sound Quality
Headphones and their quality can be all about the kind of music you listen. My general preference ranges from Kasabian and Kings of Leon to the classics like Bowie and Queen. To enjoy these, you need to be able to have headphones that can give you a full range of frequencies. These headphones pretty much give you that.
The frequency response is quite good. You can pick out on the subtleties they throw into music that you can only normally enjoy with a good set of headphones. The way they fit around your ears also means that it cuts pretty much most outside sound out, giving you a good noise cancelling effect.
Treble on these sounds quite clear and natural. The bass is quite pronounced and powerful. Volume is quite good, though just below the maximum is where these headphones shine. The clarity of voice is brilliant, and puts these above the most.
In line remote and calls
The in line remote is designed for iPhones, iPods and iPads. These means that the volume control will work on only these products. As far as Androids and other phones are concerned, you can accept calls, send voice commands, and make calls by double clicking. All this is done by the one button, and works exactly like most headsets.
Calls themselves sound brilliant, and work exactly as you’d expect a good set of headphones to work.
These headphones are quite light, and they also fold so you can pack them flat in your backpack or other bags.
These headphones cost a lot less than most other headphones out there with similar specs. They are light, portable and offer brilliant quality. The only thing that puts it a little off is the fact that the remote doesn’t give you fully functionality out of phones other than the iPhone.
We have to thank MobileFun for sending us these headphones to try. They can be found under the Nexus 4 accessories section.

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