Featured Kickstarter: Captured on Film–Paris

By Sami Mughal One of the main things we’d like to promote via the website is the local community and the various projects they get up to. In our latest Featured Kickstarter section, we are looking at a photography project by a local Oxford student Leyla Richardson, which can be found at the following address: … Read more

Twitter is dead!

By Sami Mughal EVERYBODY PANIC !!!!! In all fairness though, we haven’t seen this happen in a long time. About two years ago, this was a common place habit of our favourite social media website, and was often spotted many times a week. Whether there is an update coming, or they really have too much … Read more

Free Giveaway: Keycase Keyboard Case for Nexus 7

By Sami Mughal We are back and it is time to announce a free giveaway!!!! In December we reviewed the Keycase Keyboard Case for the Nexus 7, and for our first giveaway as Oxgadgets.com, we are giving it away to one lucky reader! You can read our review at the following link:https://www.oxgadgets.com/2012/11/review-keycase-keyboard-case-for-nexus-7.htmlAll you have to … Read more

Lessons learnt from the collapse of Jessops, HMV and Blockbuster

By Sami Mughal It is bad days for high street retailers. In the last 10 days Jessops, HMV and now Blockbuster have gone bust. There is plenty of blame on the internet and a certain Amazon for all of these going bust. However, there were certain reasons due to which all these failed, despite the … Read more

Android Messaging apps

Our main editor, apart from managing this website, has also joined the team of writers at Land of Technology (www.landoftechnology.com). Here is a link to the latest article, which covers the many messaging apps found on Android: http://landoftechnology.com/2013/android-messaging-apps-alternatives-to-google-talk/ Read, enjoy, share, and spread the word.

Jelly Bean update for HTC ONE X: First impressions

By Sami Mughal Just thought we’d do a quick post about our first impressions about the new update. As can be shown by the image above, the update was received. This was followed by a couple of small updates to the Camera and People app. This is what we have noticed: The HTC green has … Read more

Free ADOBE CS 2005

By Sami Mughal Just a quick one, for every one! http://fstoppers.com/have-an-older-computer-download-adobe-cs2-premium-plus-free Adobe have released CS2005 for free, which should work on most computers! Head over to their website for more details.