Jelly Bean update for HTC ONE X: First impressions

By Sami Mughal

2013-01-08 18.25.44

Just thought we’d do a quick post about our first impressions about the new update. As can be shown by the image above, the update was received. This was followed by a couple of small updates to the Camera and People app. This is what we have noticed:

  • The HTC green has been replaced by the Android blue. The icons light up blue now. The green lines are all blue.
  • Fonts on the lock screen are bigger. The difference is very subtle. You almost know there is a difference, but can’t really pinpoint what it is.
  • Lock screen offers more information. Jelly bean also allows you to be able to read more of a text, email, etc., too.
  • The HTC keyboard itself has been improved. However, we prefer Swype, and will hopefully be covering that soon.
  • New apps: CHROME. Yes, finally Chrome is here on your HTC ONE X by default. The old HTC browser remains, though I’d suggest chucking that for this.
  • New apps: Gallery has had an update, so it groups things a bit better.
  • New apps: GOOGLE NOW. This is what your search app is now. It is like your own personal assistant, with built in voice commands. It knows where you are, tells you good spots nearby, and will find out where you work, and times and routes between home and work. It is a huge plus on the Jelly Bean system.
  • New apps: HTC MEDIA Link. Now an app. We haven’t used it as we don’t have the module, but we hear it has been improved a lot.
  • New apps: Play Books, which is updated books, but more importantly, Play Magazines, where you can subscribe to magazines. We are a bit disappointed that none of the magazines are free, though a lot offer you tasters. However, all this is available from the Play Store.
  • New apps: Rescue, which is a service offered by LogMeIn. Allows you to get technical support via remote access.
  • Camera update: New layout so you can use it with a single hand. Shows you the number of pics/video time remaining, and allows you to switch cameras (front v back) with a single click.
  • Overall, there are improvements. Menus have changed so that things are mostly in front, or should be.
  • And last, but the best. It gives you a POWER SAVE mode. We haven’t used the phone enough since the update to tell you whether this has made a massive difference or not, but in the past, the HTC ONE X shifted to this mode when your battery went low. This now allows you to work on a lower consumption mode through out. Whether this effects high graphics games or not, we will find out.

Hopefully we have covered everything we have noticed so far. We have been a bit unorthodox about how we have covered this, mostly by avoiding researching and just using the phone as much as we can. This means that this should give you the standard things you would notice.

What have your impressions been? Are you loving it? Was it worth the wait? Or is it not much to talk home about?

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