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How to Get Rid of Cookies

Here is another guest post, on the topic of Cookies (not the good kind) from Sonu Singh, who is part of the http://www.howtogetrid.org/website. Here he talks about what cookies are, and how to get rid of them if you do not want them on your machine.

Cookies are used to report on your personal settings when you go to different websites. They are also used to track your sessions when you log into sites. They might be useful but there are cases where you might want to get rid of cookies. Fortunately, there is a good process for how to get rid of cookies that you can use to keep cookies from being problematic.

Using Your Browser

Are you aware of the cookies in your web browser? These are going to track your information no matter what browser you use. Therefore, you have to make sure you use the right procedure for how to get rid of cookies regardless of the browser you have. There are a few steps that can be used here:

  • First, you need to go to the appropriate options menu on your web browser. The location varies by each browser. For example, you’d have to go to the Options menu under the Tool bar in Firefox.
  • You then need to reach the privacy section or general section of the options menu. This should offer an option to get rid of private data. This can be used to protect your computer from being tracked even when you’re not on a particular site.
  • You can then click on an appropriate button to get rid of cookies. You may be able to choose which ones you want to get rid of but in some cases you could also just get every single cookie removed.

Stopping Cookies

Are you looking to keep cookies from coming back? If so, you can choose to block cookies from your web browser. This can be done by clicking on an appropriate options box on your browser. This should help you to block any cookies from coming onto your browser. Just be aware of these risks:

  • You may need to use cookies to get to some interactive parts of sites.
  • You’d have to log back in every single time you get to a site that requires you to log in for something.
  • Some media applications may not work if you don’t have active cookies.

The process of getting rid of cookies is easy for you to use. Be sure to take a look at http://www.howtogetrid.org/computer-problems/how-to-get-rid-of-cookies/ for additional information on what you could do and how cookies could influence your computer and how it runs different online procedures.

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