How to Get Rid of Cookies

Here is another guest post, on the topic of Cookies (not the good kind) from Sonu Singh, who is part of the Here he talks about what cookies are, and how to get rid of them if you do not want them on your machine. Cookies are used to report on your personal settings … Read more

Review: HTC ONE X HDMI Cradle

By Sami Mughal Some things are just hard to review, mainly because they deliver exactly what is on the tin. The HTC ONE X HDMI Cradle ( is one such device. Anyway, I make an attempt to do so. Physical The box comes with this cradle, as shown in the picture. This cradle consists of … Read more

Guest post: 3 Ways to Cut Computer Costs

  Kate Sorenson is as frugal as they come. Her personality drives her to find the best possible savings and in addition share them with others. A big thanks to her for this well written and informative article. Computers are glorious things. They let you communicate with anyone in the world or learn any piece … Read more

Trying: Clicksor

By Sami Mughal I am currently trying CLICKSOR, which is another blog monetizing company. They have a different way of adding ads to the regular banners. They are the people who force you to ‘skip this ad’ and convert words on your blogs to link which show a pop up link/banner. I appreciate that this … Read more

Review: Freedom Pro Keyboard

By Sami Mughal If you are one for small details, this is your product. Since getting my HTC ONE X, and trying to use it as a computer replacement, I have been looking for a keyboard that would pair with the phone, work wirelessly, and be small enough to be carried around. Physical:The Freedom Pro Keyboard … Read more

Nanotechnology – The Future Is Here!

Being an engineer, you often hear people say that the future lies in nanotechnology. Tell you what, it probably does. Nanotechnology is the art of manipulating material on an atomic scale, and in this post I share some exciting new developments, across a wide range of areas, that are using this small science to develop … Read more

Interview: Dog from Text from Dog

This is amazing! If you aren’t already a fan of Text from Dog, then prepare to be amazed. Check out his interview at: look up his texts! Even better, follow him on Twitter too! 

Free Giveaway: Bluetooth Mini Keyboard

So last year I was sent the following product by So the nice person that I am, I decided to conduct a free giveaway for my many blog readers. One lucky reader among you  will receive this product. All you have to do is click on one of the ads on the right … Read more