Jabba, you are a good human being!

For this very title, I might just get a lot of attention. On the other hand, I might get clobbered by loads of Star Wars fans, telling me that I am absolutely wrong. Or as usual, most people will just ignore what I have written.

But yeah, a few weeks back, I was watching Episode IV and noticed Han say this to Jabba.

But Jabba is not a human! I think to myself

Days go by, and well, I stop wondering. Forget about it even.

Till this weekend. I meet a lot of QI elves.

Star Wars comes to the focus.

So I just mention this. And apparently, in the original scheme of things, it actually was a human there. Jabba the alien was put on later apparently.

It was also released as just STAR WARS. Though the titles in the movie have ‘Episode IV: A New Hope’.

Also, Darth Vader was not supposed to have THAT voice. The set of dialogues he originally said were supposed to be different. Imagine Vader without that voice. Imagine Star Wars without

Luke, I am your father!

I am not sure if that information means much, or if I am a 100% accurate, but I do love Star Wars, and nothing beats the original trilogy.


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