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Mr Ashmole

Yesterday I went to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. It is an amazing museum. I spent about two and a half hours there and I have barely done the basement and half of ground floor. There are two more floors to be done!

But here is Mr Ashmole. I think he is a big fan of Brian May from the Queen. Do you see the resemblance?

ashmoleAlso… do you think his friends used to call him Mr. Ass-hole?

Or Ass-Mole even?

Or did he have a mole on his face in an ash colour?

Sadly, we shall never know? Or will we?

On a side note though, if you are in the area (Oxford) definitely definitely go to the Ashmolean Museum! It is worth it!!!

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2 thoughts on “Mr Ashmole

  1. hey !! I have been to the museum …we spent around 1 and half hour there …and it was worth it .

    lol ,….prolly good friends used to call him all this and more ofcourse pyar se:)

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