Lahore Smog: A New Occurrence?

When the first lethal smog hit Lahore in 2017, people mistook it for just another hazy week that would soon clear out, and life would continue as usual. Back then it reminded me of old Victorian novels like Charles Dickens’, which always had a thick smog as part of the general description. The juxtaposition wasn’t … Read more

How to Be A Stay-At-Home Parent and Run a Business Simultaneously

Are you good at juggling your work and life commitments? Before you say no, consider that not everyone is born with the necessary skills to balance all of their commitments effortlessly – but it is a skill that can be learned. And it is indeed something that has to be fostered if you’ve ever thought … Read more

StorySign App – Making Reading Fun For Deaf Children

As a parent of a child with additional needs, nothing makes me happier than hearing about how technology is enriching the lives of children with different abilities and making family life easier. That’s why it’s a pleasure to write this article today about Huawei‘s latest launch. It’s an app called StorySign which has been designed … Read more

The good, bad, and ugly of children’s apps

Education is not truly enlightening until it is nurturing curiosity, interest, and fascination of the world as it is, but also as it could be. Innovation breeds in the soup of doubt; the wondrous miracles that ‘doubt’ has brought forth are the stuff of dreams unfolding in research labs, incubators, and so forth. ‘Doubt is … Read more

Cybex Sirona S i-Size – The 360° rotating car seat for comfort and safety

With babies come car seats. Sadly our little sprog has never been a fan of the car journey. Having a small car means the ride hasn’t always been super smooth, but part of the problem has also been the general comfort provided by the car seats we had. We were lucky enough to be given … Read more

How to read bottle temperature using Motorola’s Smart Non-Contact Thermometer

Motorola’s Smart Non-Contact Thermometer is great to read the temperature of a baby without interrupting them. Part of Motorola’s Smart Nursey Range, it allows you to read temperatures via the screen directly, as well as see them and store them via the app. Motorola’s Smart Non-Contact Thermometer – Features It offers the following features: Fast … Read more

Are you a born juggler?

How do you get that work/life balance? I am always trying to balance the needs of my young children with the needs of myself, my partner, and my business, and it’s hard! I am sure other working parents must feel the same a lot of the time. I chose to have children and for me … Read more

Exploring How Technology Is Changing Childcare

It is true that you live in a world where technology is taking over. Even some of the youngest children have access to technological devices that enhance their lives. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it is hard for many childcare providers to ignore the benefits that technology can have when it comes to … Read more

How to: Reset the Motorola MBP855 Connect to solve connectivity issues

The Motorola MBP855 Connect is the best baby monitor we have tried. It offers a video stream, a great battery life, and on top of all that, the ability to connect to it from anywhere in the world via WiFi. However, during our review, we kept discovering connectivity problems. Motorola MBP855 Connect: The problem The … Read more

Motorola MBP855 CONNECT

Want to keep an eye on your little one, while they sleep? Well, opt for Motorola MBP855 CONNECT. It is a blessing from heaven for all moms who wish to have a better view of their baby, from anywhere they want. It is a 5” portable baby video monitor that works well with both handheld … Read more