Christmas Giveaway: EasySMX Headphones for kids

We are looking to reward the loyalty of our readers by setting up a series of giveaways around this Christmas period. This time we are giving away an EasySMX Headphone for kids. There are two to giveaway, one blue and one pink one. We already have a giveaway running, and this one is being added to … Read more

How to Renew Your Old DVD with WinX DVD Copy Pro

In the age of digital file sharing and DVDs slowly taking a back seat, most tech geeks will have files on DVD that they want backed up on their systems. As systems updates are constant, one format won’t work on the new update creating needless frustration for the user. Enter WinX DVD Copy Pro that … Read more

Hexnub Giveaway: X1S headphones & Amazon Fire accessories

Hexnub is a local company, and we love supporting local companies. Founded by two engineers, their company looks to offer simple gadgets to people all over. Instead of focusing on the items everyone gives, they have tried to offer a niche to their customers. They have looked at their own homes and tried to find … Read more

Samsung Galaxy S8 Premium Italian Leather Book Wallet Case – Giveaway

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the undoubted winner among the Android world of smartphones. Your premium phone deserves a premium case. What better than a premium leather wallet case for your phone? 32nd Shop, a British company based in Devon, UK, have sponsored this giveaway and are giving away one of their best selling cases to … Read more