Fixes if you spill liquid on your phone

By Sami Mughal Liquid damage is something that happens to mobile phones and other electronic devices. I have had first had experience of this, where I managed to drop my phone in a puddle and saw it loose its life. This occurred before I was in the ways of the world, and electronics. Since then, … Read more

Liquipel, will it void my warranty?

By Sami Mughal The technology in question at the moment is the Liquipel treatment of your phone or other technical device. Having a great interest in the process, and other such technologies, I have been searching the internet to find the answer to this question. There have been verbal claims in various videos that it … Read more


Well apparently Google allows Affiliate ads, so I am just writing down an experimental post here, to see if it achieves anything.To help me along the way, I will post a wishlist of sorts… Of course you can feel free to buy me any of these items. – Nikon D7000– HTC One X– Asus Transformer Prime– Asus … Read more