JLab JBuddies Studio – On-Ear headphones for kids

As we get into a more connected world, the sight of a child using a tablet to watch videos, play games or do educational activities is becoming more and more normal. While tablets and apps are heavily invested in the child-focused space, less so can be said about the likes of headphones. Enter JLab JBuddies Studio On-Ear headphones, who are focused on kids under 10.

JLab JBuddies Studio headphones – features

  • Kids safe volume limiter at 85dB, pretty much my favourite feature of the device
  • Sized for children from 6+
  • Plush memory foam cushioned fit, makes it very comfortable for children to use
  • In-line control allows kids to use these to control video play
  • In-line microphone allows kids to use these for online conversations
  • Can be adjusted for size
  • Can be folded for easy storage and transportation

First impression

Okay, this was interesting. I got these specifically for my daughter, who obviously needs to be able to use headphones. Her first impression was of disappointment. Unlike some of her other peers, these looked dull. There were no cat ears or unicorn horns sticking out. No fancy stickers or labels. These were serious headphones that looked just like something I would use.

As it developed

However, this was before she had tried them on. A few uses and now she loves them. The best thing about them for her is the comfortable fit. They are quite nicely weighted, not too heavy, and not too light to fly off, plus the cushioning seems to be just right for her size. This makes this a very good device to use.

Sound Quality

The sound they offer is pretty decent. While I haven’t had a chance to try them out properly (I have a much bigger head!), what I have tried has offered me true tones and decent sound.


The universal control, as well as microphone, are added bonus and work well.

Fit and feel

This has been the best feature from a user’s point of view. They are very comfy and can be worn for hours without any issues.

Volume limiting

And as a parent, my favourite feature is the over 85dB limiting. It means I can be relaxed about how loud the volume will be on various programs and such!

More information

More information about the JLab JBuddies Studio On-Ear headphones can be found on their website.

They also come in a wireless variant, for those who’d rather have that.

They retail from around £14-19, depending on where you buy them, and can be bought from the likes of Curries, Amazon, John Lewis, etc.

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