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iWalk charging solutions for the iPhone

iWalk offer a suite of charging solutions for your latest and greatest iPhones and we were lucky enough to try two of them. The iWalk Magnetic Power Bank holds 6000mAh of power and offers a wireless charge for phones that are compatible. It also adds the MagSafe capability, making it even more ideal for the likes of the later iPhones. The iWalk Portable charger really packs a punch at 4800mAh despite being really small.

Read on to find out more about our experience with both, as well as more information.

iWalk Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

The Mag-Safe Wireless charger is designed with the latest iPhones in mind, 12 and onwards, but it still offers wireless charging to any compatible phone. A quick summary of its features is below:

  • Mag-Safe compatible charger (iPhone 12 onwards), offering magnetic mag-suction technology for iPhones without a case, or a Mag-Safe compatible case.
  • Offers up to 7.5W of wireless charging. Also supports 18W of USB C output.
  • Smart LEDs to indicate charging as well as remaining battery capacity.
  • Finger ring to help you hold your phone
  • Included in box: Power Bank, USB A to USB C cable, user manual

This device has now become my go-to charger and it sits on my bed side table. The Mag-safe compatibility is a nice touch, but also included in my pack were magnetic attachments to help turn your non-mag-safe phone to a compatible one. Regardless, even a phone without it and with a case on can happily charge with one of these, and of course, you even have the USB C capability too.

On top of this, it is light and easy to carry, and can easily slide into your pocket. The battery percentage is a nice touch.

A handy button also allows you to turn this off or on.

The only thing I would have wanted to change would have been something like 8000mAh so I get two charges out of this, but I am just being fussy here!

More information as well as the ability to buy this can be found on its Amazon page. It currently retails for £29.99, which makes it really rather reasonably priced.

iWalk Portable Charger (4800 mAh Power Bank)

This bold and brave style of charger is a very interesting offering from iWalk. Shaped like a little rounded tube with a lightning power connector on top, this packs in a whopping 4800mAh in a tiny size.

A summary of its features below:

  • 12W of output allows you to charge your iPhone or iPad at a fairly decent rate.
  • Supports thicker cases, making it easily compatible with all sorts of iPhones or iPads.
  • LED display shows battery percentage remaining.
  • 4800mAh of battery capacity, easily charge your iPhone 13 or 14 Pro to its full capacity, and a bit more for non-Pro models.
  • In the box: Charger/power bank, USB C cable, Instruction Manual

This tiny charger has proven to be extremely handy. It can easily slide into a pocket or a bag, and it really packs in the juice it offers.

What I didn’t like was the shape. It is designed such that whatever you are charging sits a bit raised, meaning all the weight of the phone/iPad will go on to the connector. Probably not a big deal, but makes me nervous. I also tried having this in my pocket with the phone on charge, and the device just disconnected after a bit of movement. So very close to being perfect, but some minor inconveniences that if you are aware of, can make this a great device.

Despite this, it makes a great handy charging device to grab whether I am home or out. Just pop up and plug in. Even better for iPads when you’re watching a movie or something.

More information as well as the capability to buy this can be found on its Amazon page. It currently retails for £31.99.

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