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Onforu 25W Bluetooth RGB LED Flood Lights FG77 Review

Onforu offer various lighting solutions. We have just looked at their latest offering, the 25W IP rated floodlights, which offer the full stream of RGB colours.

Onforu 25W Bluetooth RGB Floodlights – features

  • Dimmable multi-colours and 6 modes, which are flash, jump, fade, auto, strove, etc.
  • Controllable via Bluetooth and an app
  • Equivalent to 250W halogen bulbs
  • Timing function allows you to set up a working time
  • IP66 waterproof and dustproof, meaning these can happily sit outside in rain and storms.
  • Effective heat dissipation, meaning you don’t need to worry about these overheating.

Usage and light output

The light is very bright, and can easily be controlled to various colours and uses using the bluetooth app.

The app is fairly intuitive to use after initial pairing.

After that, there isn’t much to report.

I am using these in my leaky garage, so them being waterproof is a big plus for me. Makes it easy for me to use them, as other sorts of lights are hard to use due to water ingress.

While you may argue that having a phone is all you need, a normal IR remote would have helped as well. Other products from their range do come with it though, so it isn’t all of their range.

More information

More information on the Onforu 25W Bluetooth RGB Floodlights can be found on the Onforu website. On their website, this retails for $39.99.

While this particular product isn’t available on Amazon, you can find the 50W equivalent there.

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