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Review: Eufy Clean HomeVac H2O

Being a parent is messy business, and anybody who tells you otherwise is lying. Our cars get the worst of it though. You are stuck in long journeys, trying to feed and entertain little ones. Food and crumbs fall all over. Sand is constantly produced for years after you have been to the beach, and of course the winter months also throw in a lot of mud and damp. Enter Eufy with their Eufy Clean HomeVac H2O, a beautifully small and portable hand held vacuum cleaner to allow you to deal with most of that mess in one clean sweep!

All puns are always intended!

Eufy Clean HomeVac H2O – Features

  • Portable strong suction to achieve efficient car cleaning
  • In car charging – an hour of charging allows up to 30 minutes of use.
  • Customised attachments, such as brush head, retractable tool and an extension hose.
  • 654g in weight
  • Storage bag included for everything
  • Included car charger for ease of charging
  • USB C charging means it can be charged elsewhere too
  • Build in LED light to see in those dark corners

Ease of use

The Eufy Clean HomeVac H2O is incredibly easy to use, you just charge it, make sure you have the right attachment, and off you go.

Not much more to add there.

Once on, you can swivel it around and focus on the dirt, with the included attachments, and you’re good to go.

It has a small rubbish container, but it fills in directly instead of going through any tubes, which makes it more efficient. It does fill in quite quickly, but the aim of this is to keep your car clean on the go, rather than wait around for big clean efforts.

Being able to charge it in the car cuts out all the admin from this.

Suction and cleanliness

The Eufy Clean HomeVac H2O works reasonably well for a portable device. It won’t compete with bigger ones, but it isn’t pretending or trying to. It is there to clean up after some crumbs as soon as they are delivered on your car seats, rather than being embedded in for ages.

Being super light means you can just leave it in the car and use it on the fly, as needed.

Very cleverly, it also fits in your cup holder, making it super accessible as well as easy to charge.

Battery life

While it promises 30 minutes in eco mode, I have found it best to keep it on charge and use it on the fly. I normally end up using it for about 10-15 minutes, and it works very well for that.

More Information

More information on the Eufy Clean HomeVac H2O can be found on their website.

It is also available from the likes of Amazon.

It retails for around £99.

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