3 Dreamy Destinations for a Parents Only Vacation

Though parenting is rewarding, parents have obligations and must make some self-sacrifices. From grocery shopping, cooking countless food variations and taking the children to school, soccer and other activities, moms and dads watch the concept of free time vanish as early as in the delivery room.

Parents can plan a getaway to some of the most incredible vacation destinations for couples to compensate for their busy days. Although many parents find it difficult, creating some time for holidays for parents alone might help you reconnect with yourself or your spouse. 

Here are the three best destinations for parents-only vacations.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

The Blue Lagoon is an outdoor spa in Iceland, situated west of Grindavik. This exquisite spa offers you the relaxation and refreshment you deserve, from massages to drinks. The Blue Lagoon has a range of day trips, overnight lodging, and eating alternatives. The Blue Lagoon’s mineral-rich water is highly therapeutic. From the mineral-rich brackish water to the exfoliating mud, this spa provides revitalizing treatments in unique ways. Sulfur and silica are the two primary minerals found in the Blue Lagoon. The combination of these two minerals is responsible for the ethereal blue color of this hot spring. 

Blue Lagoon Iceland provides unique experiences and special accommodations like the world-famous Lava Deluxe Room at Blue Lagoon Silica Hotel, perfect for a romantic couple’s getaway. So, if you’re looking for something calming to do during your vacation, here is the place to be. Even if you’re not in the mood for a bath, the scenery—strange, vivid blue-hued water dyed by a neighboring geothermal plant, surrounded by black volcanic rocks—is worth a look.

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is the ultimate vacation destination! With a warm, laid-back feel that encompasses everything excellent about Spain, there is plenty to see, do and eat. Two mountain ranges divide Mallorca: the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana to the north and the Serres de Llevant to the south. The lowlands also have two distinct sections: the Bay of Palma, home to the island’s ancient capital city, and the Bay of Alcudia. Both areas have extensive sandy beaches and shallow, warm seas, making them excellent spots for watersports and safe swimming. 

On the most rugged portions of the coast, adventure operators will take parties of thrill-seekers ‘coasteering’ – a combination of rock-climbing, scrambling, abseiling, and cliff jumping that provides an entirely new way to appreciate Mallorca’s coastline.

Furthermore, you can explore the Mallorcan countryside in many ways, including scuba diving trips. You might even take a guided tour of the whole island, experiencing everything from the heights of the Serra de Tramuntana Mountains to a boat ride along the shore. No Frills Excursions are your go-to people for a tour you’ll never forget.

Corfu, Greece

Corfu, one of the biggest and greenest Ionian Islands, has much more than its signature blue-hued waters and sandy shoreline. The main town and its ancient old neighbourhood are the best places to start exploring, thanks to its UNESCO World Heritage designation and unrivalled walking options. Moreover, you can also discover Corfu’s layers of history almost everywhere, thanks to historic churches, scattered ruins and many museums. This place entails a rustic, traditional charm, but it also has enough sophisticated pubs, restaurants and activities to make it an entirely cosmopolitan vacation destination. 

The destination’s fresh, seasonal ingredients and thoughtfully prepared meals will captivate you if you look to taste varying foods. At the same time, the island’s natural beauty — think blankets of olive orchards, postcard seascapes, and craggy mountain panoramas — lends itself to beautiful walks, climbs and bike rides.

Have you ever been to any of the above destinations? If not, why not visit these fantastic destinations for a parents-only vacation?

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