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GameSir T4 Mini – Multi Platform Game Controller

GameSir are famous for making gamepads and game controllers. Their GameSir T4 was a great success, allowing multi platform connectivity as well as great battery life. With the GameSir T4 Mini, they have taken the same concept, and made it compact, making it ideal for anybody who wants to travel around with this gamepad. With connectivity for everything from PC and Mac, to Switch, to Android and iOS devices, this has you covered for all scenarios!

GameSir T4 Mini – Features

  • With its tiny size, the GameSir T4 Mini allows smaller hands to hold this with less fatigue.
  • Semi-transparent cover with RGB Backlighting
  • Support for Windows, Macs, Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch.
  • Supports Apple Arcade, MFi Games, HID games
  • Dual motor vibrators to enhance immersion in games.
  • Offers motion control and Turbo
  • 600mAh battery for up to 10 hours of use.
  • Bluetooth or wired connection, to allow both. PC only supports wired connection.
  • Changing LED colours to help customise your device/gameplay
  • Compact design: 14.3 x 8.3 x 5.3 centimetres, 153 gm

In the box

  • GameSir Mini T4 Controller
  • USB to USB C Cable
  • Documentation

Look and feel

Fairly compact in design, it features a semi-transparent shell with a matte finish. Despite being small, it is a nice fit in my average to large hands.

Starting with the assymetrical thumb-sticks, it also offers HOME and a Turbo button, and the standard X, Y, A and B buttons. On top, you have L,ZL, R and ZR to suit extra features. You also have a good sized D-pad, to give you all the control you need in the game. You also have sync button on the top to pair it with various devices, but it is generally away from your usual gameplay.

All the buttons have a fairly good feel with a nice clicking feedback to let you know that it has been pressed.


Pairing is different for different devices, so make sure you are hitting the right keys:

  • Sync button for Switch
  • Hold B and Home for iOS till the LEDs blink
  • Hold X and Home for Android till the LEDs blink
  • Plug into USB port for PC

Game Play

The game play is absolutely brilliant. The buttons feel good and responsive, and most importantly, no lag is noticed at all in any of the devices.

Motion Control and Turbo work pretty well too, making this really good from that point of view.

Once again, the compact size and weight makes it super comfortable and easy to play for long periods at time, and obviously gives you much better control for any gaming you might want to do compared to touch screen on your iOS or Android device.

Battery Life

It promises up to 10 hours, but typically you get about 8, still pretty good!

GameSir T4 Mini – More information

More information for the GameSir T4 Mini can be found on the GameSir website.

It comes in black and white, and you can buy it directly from their website, or from the online retailers such as Amazon.

At the time of writing, it costs £35.99/$35.99.

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