Joby Podzilla Flexible Tripod

The makers of GorillaPod are back with the Joby Podzilla Tripod. We tried this out and were very impressed.

Joby Podzilla Flexible Tripod – Features

  • Flexible tripod to allow versatile content creation.
  • Push button locking mechanism for portrait positioning.
  • 1/4 attachment to support devices weighing up to 1kg(2.2lb).
  • Includes Phone Clamp with double cold shoe attachment.
  • Holds smartphone with widths of 6.7-8.8cm (2.6-3.5”).

Usability and Ease of use

The device itself is very easy to use. A grip up top allows you to hold a phone, and attach a couple of extra things like a camera or a microphone.

If you don’t want that, the associated 1/4″ screw can let you fit in anything up to a 1kg of weight.

Once your device is in, just bend the legs to how you want them to be, and you’re good.

The beauty of the flexible legs means this can be used in multiple applications, uneven surfaces, or even wrapped around a tree or a branch!

More information

More information can be found on Joby’s website, on the Joby Podzilla page.

It is available from them directly for £36.95, and comes in an assortment of colours.

It is also available from the likes of Amazon.

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