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Where to Get the Best Odds for the Irish Lottery

Playing the Irish Lottery isn’t as easy as people think. It doesn’t matter where you are, either a resident of Ireland or from another country; you will take at least two minutes to get started. Irish Lotto draws occur every Wednesday and Saturday evening, and it has huge prizes in its main draw alongside its lotto plus games.

Irish Lotto Jackpot starts at two million Euros with many other prizes available, and you are also provided with free entries to future Lottery draws. 

About the Irish Lotto

The Irish Lottery was first introduced in 1987, and it is known as the country’s lotto. About a third of Ireland’s population plays the Irish Lottery and millions of others around the world.

How to play

  • There are a total of 6 main balls drawn selected from 1 to 47, for instance; 1 45 6 28 32 16   and a Bonus 22
  • The Irish Lottery also allows you to bet without a bonus ball; this way, you will get the best payout. You are entitled to bet up to 5 balls from the six drawn.
  • You will get a lower payout if you bet with a bonus ball-you can decide to bet up to 5 balls appearing from any of the six drawn.

Irish lotto big winners


Garry Beck, the new gambler, won 150000 euros from a stake of just 1 euro at Bet Fred. Garry, who had played for many years without winning, his friend later convinced him to try the Irish lotto. Irish Lotto is known to have good odds in BetFred.


Mr. M.E broke a record after winning three times and out of which two were on the Irish Lotto. Initially, he won 41,504 euros, then 50,001 euros.


Bet 365 allows you to choose which numbers between 1 to 5 you would wish to play per line. The number you add to a line will determine your potential payout, but your stakes will reduce.

Why choose the Irish Lottery?

Playing Irish lotto just got easier

There is no more hassle, and you don’t have to queue to get tickets – everything has been made convenient and easier for you to win. You will be charged €2 for the Irish lotto, and you will get two additional chances to win for just €1 extra. Draws happen every Wednesday & Saturday evening, and you can bet on the outcome and get a chance to win big.

The main jackpot gives at least €2 million draw, with €1m extra available on the first draw and €250k on the Plus 2 draw. This strategy clearly shows that you can easily win three jackpots, that too at €3 only.

The relevant odds of winning a prize in Irish lotto! On top of this, the real jackpot odds are more realistic than other lottos. And, with €1 more, you can enter the first and second draws of €1m and €250k respectively!

Security features

Be careful of scam emails

Some people send cam emails to lure unsuspecting clients in with a message from a trusted source to get your personal information. These may include critical information like personal bank account info.   Usually, the email will be written in the pretense of a legally known company, like banks, using the same company brand to convince unsuspecting clients.

These messages are specifically used to lure you into action. For instance, it tells you that your account has stopped functioning, or you inform them that you have won a lottery.

Check for signs of trust

Ensure that you are using a legally approved website that genuinely protects you from any form of scam. Make sure you find out if the company you are betting has a license from companies like VeriSign and Thawte, and be sure they are legitimate sites.

Legit gaming sites have helpful information on each page with details about legit gaming sites. They must have information on the footer of each page with more information on their terms and conditions and about pages. Ensure the company has a valid physical company address on the contact page.

One of the most popular prizes of the Irish Lottery is the Irish jackpot. But there are some smaller but good prizes that players have won over time. They may be lower than the jackpots, but you have better odds of winning compared to winning the jackpot.

Final thought

As you now know, the odds of the Irish lotto are the best compared to most well-known lotteries such as Euro Millions and Euro Jackpot. You will increase the probability of winning with this Lottery and bet knowing that you will get a win at least 1 in 29 times. Having known these big lottery odds, you should give a try on this week’s Irish jackpot. Lady luck could be waiting to smile on you. 

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