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The UK has its main phone suppliers, and then it has lots of others that piggy back off of them, but promise to offer better deals. The main players like Vodafone, O2, Three and EE are well known. Among others, you have the big brands like Tesco and Sainsbury’s, and the more popular one, GiffGaff. All of these exist to offer better deals than what the main supplier may offer, but with the promise that the reception (and the service) will be at least as good as that of the main one. A new player has now emerged, called To The Moon Mobile, and they are offering a similarly decent bit of packages on top of EE as the main supplier.

To the Moon Mobile – The bundles

To the Moon Mobile currently only offers SIM only packages.

The website takes you straight to their bundles page. You get unlimited calls and texts per month, and can get 2GB, 10GB and 80GB for £6, £10 and £20 respectively. This means that if you are a heavy caller/texter, with a bit of data usage, the £6 package is ideal for you. If you want loads of data, £20 has you covered. Other bundles exist and can be found on their page. To The Moon Mobile is a flexible bundle mobile network with 23 tariffs in total and users can choose exactly how many GB they need.

At the moment, all of these offerings only give you 4G, and no 5G, so in some ways a comparison with the main players is already flawed and a bit weak.

As of right now, O2 and EE can offer you a whopping 160GB for £20 per month, with 5G on offer too. Vodafone is offering a maximum speed and unlimited data at £15 per month (cheaper if you can take a speed hit). Three lets you get unlimited everything for £10 a month for six months, and it goes to £20 after that. This makes the financial comparison a bit weak too.

No Roaming Charges in EU

Having said that, once again, as of right now, you will be able to use your packages at no extra cost when you travel to the EU. This means that if you are somebody who travels a lot, this could easily offer you great coverage on the continent at a very suitable cost.

Network Coverage

Since it sits on top of EE, the network is exactly the same as that offered by EE. The website has a handy page that lets you enter your postcode and find out whether you’ll have network coverage or not.

As already mentioned, this only goes as far as 4G, and at the time of writing, 5G wasn’t offered.

According to a representative from them, 5G is due to be available from them by the end of 2021.


Weirdly, you need an app to set it all up, and it doesn’t just work from the word go. To download the app, or even to have it connect to their server and enable it, you will need some WiFi or a secondary SIM. Once sorted, all is well! Not sure why they have taken this approach, but it is, what it is!

More information

More information on the network can be found via the To the Moon Mobile website.

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