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velotton e-bike

New Velotton E-Bikes with a classic look, smart electronics and very nice price.

Velotton has introduced new electric bicycles with a classic look, smart electronics and a very nice price (from 1390EUR incl VAT). The bikes are available with two types of frames – classic road and mixte, as well as three battery mounting options – in the front basket, in the rear basket and in the pannier bag. 90% of the components are made in the EU including electronics. Bikes have an optional anti-theft GPS module that allows you to track your bike in real-time.

velotton e-bike
  • Lightweight, only 16.9 kg with a battery and crate
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Silent, maintenance-free rear hub
  • Silent, maintenance-free, light but powerful front motor. Most of the time you won’t hear it working at all!
  • Electronic brake system – when you brake using a rear brake the front motor hub brakes too (optional, can be diactivated)
  • Frame and fork are made in Poland
  • Frame with a fork can be painted in any RAL colour
  • Around of 90% components are made in the EU
  • Anti-theft GPS with LTE module with additional sensors (optional)
  • Affordable price (from 1390EUR incl VAT)
  • Smart and effective motor controller. It is based on the most effective algorithm of operating a BLDC motor – FOC
  • The lightest removable 360Wh e-bike battery with 21700 li-ion elements (as used in Tesla and other expensive electric cars). No need to take the bike home to charge the kit
  • A special battery version which can be taken on board an aeroplane
  • Sensitive pedal sensor detects movements even on 1/2 degree
  • Handlebar remote for switching power modes
  • Mobile apps with navigation and additional e-bike settings
  • Extended statistics that are saved automatically without a smartphone
  • The first e-bike you can take on a plane (a special 5.2Ah battery is needed, optional)
  • Range up to 110 km on one charge
  • A crate or pannier bag is included

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