FYNE AUDIO launches its most affordable UK built Special Production loudspeaker

The Fyne Audio F500SP brings all the benefits of Fyne’s Special Production development project to a compact ‘bookshelf’ loudspeaker design based on the award-winning F500 cabinet and high-end F700 components. 

Special Production IsoFlare 

At the heart of the F500SP is a 150mm (6”) IsoFlare driver based on technology and engineering originally developed for the high end F700 IsoFlare unit. This driver features a bespoke multi-fibre bass/mid cone terminated with the innovative FyneFlute roll surround to better terminate cone energy where it is attached to the chassis. Set in a bespoke rigid cast aluminium chassis, the LF motor system incorporates a separate flux focusing magnet to increase low frequency efficiency and maintain a flat response through low bass frequencies. 

Enhanced cabinet 

The original F500 cabinet has also been enhanced for the SP derivative with a higher density fibreboard constriction and advanced BassTrax porting system using a Tactrix profile diffuser mounted on a thick aluminium base plate. The system converts plain wave port energy into a spherical 360 degree wavefront that exits uniformly through the plinth, further smoothing the speakers LF output by evenly dispersing energy into the room.  

The design also makes the F500SP far less critical of room positioning than traditional rear ported standmount designs, particularly when placed on Fyne’s new matching FS6 stands (see below). 

High end components 

Internally, many crossover components and the circuit architecture have trickled down from the high end F700 model. Low-loss laminated core inductors, high grade polypropylene capacitors and Van Den Hul Matched Crystal silver plated OFC wiring ensure transparent signal transmission. The F500SP integrates Fyne’s high quality bi-wire terminal panel with a fifth loudspeaker terminal for driver chassis grounding. 

To celebrate this unique UK built loudspeaker, the F500SP is available in high gloss black and high gloss white as standard, or in a new, luxurious deep gloss lacquered walnut veneer previously seen on the premium F700 Series. In harmony with other SP models in the range, grille mounting is by concealed magnets, and a diamond cut finish enhances the exposed driver chassis. 

The Fyne Audio F500SP is available September 2021: 

  • F500SP – Piano Gloss Black / White: £1299.99 / pr 
  • F500SP – Piano Gloss Walnut Veneer:  £1499.99 / pr 

FS6 Stands 

Designed for the F500SP, Fyne Audio is pleased to announce the simultaneous launch of the FS6 speaker stands. The heavy steel top plate is the perfect fit for the F500SP but remains wide enough for many standmount loudspeakers to take advantage of the FS6 stand design and benefits.The contoured central column is extruded from heavy gauge aluminium, features an integrated cable channel and can be further mass loaded to improve damping. The chunky aluminium plate lower plinth takes its design cues from the SP Series floorstanding models, integrating top adjustable floor spikes, knurled lock rings and machined aluminium cups to protect hard floors. 

The Fyne Audio FS6 stands are available from September 2021: 

  • FS6 – Textured Black with aluminium trim: £499.99 / pr 

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