Audi S3

The New Audi RS 3: Unmatched Sportiness Suitable for Everyday Use

From 0-62mph in 3.8 seconds, up to 180mph top speed, RS Torque Splitter, and specific RS driving modes – the new Audi RS 3 offer driving dynamics of the highest caliber and the best numbers in its segment. Equipped with a 400PS five-cylinder engine, the high-performance unit delivers rapid acceleration with a highly intoxicating sound. Visually, the RS 3 demonstrates its sporty DNA with a widened body, RS sports exhaust system, and cockpit displays like those found in race cars

Audi S3

Unmatched acceleration and top speed: the 2.5 TFSI

With its five-cylinder, high-performance engine, the Audi RS 3 is one-of-a-kind in the segment. The 2.5 TFSI has won the “International Engine of the Year” award nine times in a row. In the latest generation of the compact sports car, the engine is now more powerful than ever before developing 400PS and 500Nm of torque – allowing a 0-62mph sprint of just 3.8 seconds. Top speed for the standard RS 3 is limited to 155mph, but Launch Edition and Vorsprung models see that increase to 174mph. With the RS Dynamic package and ceramic brakes, customers can even reach a top speed of 180mph. This makes the Audi RS 3 the best in its class in terms of acceleration and top speed. This is primarily due to the 20Nm increase in torque over the previous RS 3, which is available between 2,250 and 5,600rpm. 

Maximum agility: RS Torque Splitter and specific RS 3 modes

The new Audi RS 3 is the first Audi model that comes standard-equipped with a torque splitter. It replaces the rear axle differential and the previous multiple disc clutch package on the rear axle. Instead, an electronically controlled multiple disc clutch is used on each of the drive shafts. This ensures that the right amount of torque is optimally distributed along the rear axle. During more dynamic driving, the torque splitter increases the drive torque to the respective outer rear wheel with the higher wheel load, which significantly reduces the tendency to understeer. In left-hand curves, it transmits the drive torque to the right rear wheel, in right-hand curves to the left rear wheel, and when driving straight ahead to both wheels.

Powerful deceleration: six-piston steel and ceramic brake system

The RS 3 comes standard-equipped with larger and newly developed six-piston steel brakes to keep the power of the five-cylinder engine in check. A ceramic brake system measuring 380 by 38mm is optionally available on the front axle with a pedal characteristic curve specially adapted to the brake booster. The high-performance brake system is 10kg lighter than the steel brake. Its internally ventilated and drilled discs measure 375 by 36mm at the front and 310 by 22mm at the rear – this makes them larger and more stable than in the previous model. Air control elements improve the brakes’ cooling time by 20 per cent.  

Expressive and unmistakable: exterior and lighting

The design of the new Audi RS 3 is even more dynamic than that of its predecessor and is available in standard, Carbon, Launch Edition and Vorsprung specifications. In the front, the wide RS bumper, the redesigned Singleframe with its distinctive honeycomb grille, and the large air intakes give the compact sports car an expressive appearance. The RS 3 comes standard-equipped with flat, wedge-shaped LED headlights and LED taillights including dynamic turn signal lights. 

Availability: market launch and pricing

The Audi RS 3 Sportback and RS 3 Saloon will be available to order in the UK starting in mid‑August 2021, with first customer deliveries due towards the end of the year. The base price for the RS 3 Sportback is set at £50,900, while the RS 3 Saloon is listed at £51,900. Full UK pricing and specification will be announced shortly.

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