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imoo kids smartwatch

imoo Launches New Smartwatch for Child Safety –  imoo Watch Phone Z1

imoo, the world leading brand in the kids smartwatch market, has just announced the global launch of their new device. The new device is called imoo Watch Phone Z1 and is made for children ages 5-12. With an emphasis on safety and security, the IoT wearable technology promotes freedom and independence of children while allowing parents to keep track of their children. Through a suite of fun and innovative built-in features parents and children can enjoy features like video calling, audio messaging, location tracking, photo sharing and much more. The imoo Watch Phone Z1 will be available for open sales starting from July 26th. Special offer starts from July 26th to August 11th with discounted price starting at $99 /£99 /A$139 /€99.

imoo kids smartwatch

Smart 4G Watch Phone with Powerful Video Call

An important goal of the imoo Watch Phone Z1 is its ability to provide easy and accessible communication for children. This is achieved with a mature high-speed 4G network that includes 4 modes and 13 frequency bands to ensure every ongoing communication is quick and stable. 

Safe And Secure Always Come First

With a safety tested and quality assured build,  the imoo Watch Phone Z1 adopts skin-care and anti radiation materials to avoid any health concerns. After many rounds of rigorous testing, the imoo Watch Phone Z1 also meets product safety and data security standards with the German TüV SüD WT-Mark safety certification. 

AI Precise Positioning

Thanks to the advanced GPS and its best-in-class GDPR compliant location-based services with a reliable 4G LTE data connection, Z1 always keeps parents up to date with GPS locating to let them know the whereabouts of their children through the precise tracking functionality on their own Android or iOS devices even without the need of a video call.    

Wide Angle Camera For Video Calls And Photo Adventure

The front camera setup offers high quality HD video calls either by WiFi or 4G at any time. The 2MP 79° wide angle, f/2.4 camera supports fast auto focus, producing high quality video and images with 2 modes, Ultra HD and HD. It is a great opportunity to capture your relationship while taking a selfie to get into an adventure with sharing the photos between friends.

HD Retina Eye-Friendly Screen

Considering the eye safety, Z1 utilizes TFT and Super Retina Display, offering more refined resolution with richer and more accurate colors that is more friendly to children’s eyes.

IPX8 Water Damage Protection

Its water resistant outer shell fully protects the inside of the device with an impressive IPX8 water resistance rating along with an anti-fall protection.

Class Mode 0% Distraction, 100% Concentration

Parents can have children focused on study time by simply setting a designated schedule through the imoo app to restrict a child’s use during designated times, making sure their children won’t be distracted in the class.

Battery Power And Stand-By

With a capacity of 740 mAH on a single charge it can last up to 2-3 days and also triangulates location using GPS, cellular networks and Wi-Fi hotspots for the most accurate positioning.

Pricing and Availability

As announced initially, imoo global’s open sales at the price of GBP 99/EUR 99/AUD 139 will be officially available starting from July 26th, and end on August 11, 2021. Enjoy our Open Sales offers now and join the imoo Official Website.

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