5 Household Gadgets Parents can Buy to Protect Their Kids

Let’s face it! Kids love playing and will play with all manner of things in the home. Whether it’s a loose electrical cable, power outlet, or sharp objects, these may pose safety hazards and injure your child. There are also many other dangers lurking around, and knowing how to avert them saves a lot of trouble.

Sounds scary? Not at all! There are various devices in the market to help you, thanks to technology. Whether you want a baby monitor or carbon dioxide detector, you can always get the most suitable safety devices to enhance your child’s safety.

Check out household safety gadgets to keep your kids safe:

1. Use an encrypted router device

Nowadays, most kids use the internet to do a variety of things. These include searching for educational materials, chatting with friends on social media, gaming, and more. If using an encrypted network, this can expose them to various threats, including cyberbullies online. They target kids online, harass, embarrass and sometimes track them.

They use various ways to spy on kids and snoop on their activities, putting kids at risk. There are multiple solutions to this, though! You can install a VPN router to encrypt your home network. 

It routes data through its servers, ensuring that no one can determine your location or identity. The data is then encrypted through a secure VPN tunnel, thus protecting you from hackers. The router will effectively secure all the connected devices ensuring that your kids stay safe online.

2. Smoke alarms

Fires are common occurrences in most homes. A fire can start at any spot in your home, putting your kids at risk of burns and injuries. If you lack proper devices to detect fires, this will harm your kids and damage your property.

The solution? Install smoke alarms at various places in your home in places such as the kitchen, bedroom, or dining area. These safety devices will prevent injuries and deaths. If you can go for a vocal smoke detector, even better. It allows you to record your voice and give emergency instructions in case of a fire.

However, you must examine your alarms at least every month to ensure that they are functioning optimally. Moreover, change the batteries often to guarantee the proper functioning of your devices.

3. Furniture anchors

Kids love climbing on various things in your home, which can lead to falls. These may include TV stands, shelves, dressers, chests, and other furniture pieces. These can tip and crush on your young child, thus leading to severe injuries.

As a parent, you must take some precautions and install safety devices to keep your kids safe. In this case, furniture anchor makes effective solutions. Use them to anchor your items n the floor or attach them to a wall. 

The anchoring kits come with two brackets attached to a strap or cable. Screw one bracket on the piece of furniture, and fasten the other one on the wall. The connecting strap is fixed on both brackets, and you only need to tighten it into place.For free sanding ranges or stoves, install anti-tip brackets. This way, you prevent them from tripping and falling on your child.

4. Infant movement monitor

It can be tiring to wake up severally to check up on your baby. Well, that’s what most mothers go through, and this can be very exhausting. However, babies can trip or choke when asleep hence the need to monitor them often.

To minimize the many trips to your baby’s crib, you can acquire an infant monitor to help you out. The device is effective, and you only need to place it underneath your baby’s mattress. The sensor will signal you in case your child ceases movement for some time. 

This way, you can check out if there’s anything wrong and take the necessary measures. A reliable infant monitor will give you peace of mind, particularly when coupled with safe sleep guidelines to help prevent SIDS.

5. Safety latches

Most parents find it hard to store items in their homes. Kids can easily access medicine and other harmful objects in drawers and cabinets. Examples include drugs, household cleaners, cigarette lighters, or matches. Worse still, these can harm your kids and should be kept within their reach. However, children always have a way of getting hold of things, even in those far corners in the home.

There are some solutions, though! You can install safety latches on your locks to prevent your child from accessing harmful items stored in drawers. This helps keep your kids safe. Only ensure that they are strong enough to withstand pulls from your kids.

Final thoughts

Kids can easily incur injuries in the home. Simple things like wet floors, improperly stored medicines, and loose cables can cause severe injuries to children. However, your options are limitless when we talk of kid’s safety. There are various gadgets in the market; acquire what matches your requirements and enjoy a safer environment for you and your kids.

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