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Swann Unveils New Wireless Xtreem Security Camera

Swann, a global leader in do-it-yourself security, today announced its latest innovation across its wireless home security range. The Xtreem Security Camera is 100 per cent wireless and can be easily mounted and set up anywhere indoors or outdoors in a matter of minutes. With an extremely long battery life up to 6 months, the camera comes with a comprehensive set of features for greater security including full HD video, 2-way talk to greet guests or warn off intruders, Swann’s True Detect heat and motion-sensing technology and sturdy weatherproof design. As part of the launch, Swann has also announced an exclusive 100 day free trial period of the Secure+ Service Subscription Plans, which includes up to 60 days cloud storage, more alerts including rich notifications, vehicle and pet detection, extended warranty and more. 

swann security

Catch unwanted activity with ease

With no drilling required, the Swann Xtreem® Security Camera provides the flexibility and versatility to position the camera anywhere needed – indoors or outdoors. The camera is also portable, meaning if circumstances change, the camera can be easily moved and quickly set up in a new location.  Users can add numerous Xtreem® Security Cameras around their property to create a complete security system with no wiring, power cords, or hub needed.

For added convenience, the Swann Xtreem Security Camera boasts an extended battery life to keep an eye out on unwanted activity for longer. The powerful yet rechargeable 13,200mAh Lithium battery can last up to 6 months on a single charge, letting users simply set and forget. With incredible 1080p full HD video and wide 110-degree viewing angle included with the camera, users can see faces, logos on clothing, labels on boxes and more, in crystal clear detail.

Peace of mind with complete security control

The Swann Xtreem Security Camera also provides free recording to store locally or on the cloud, giving users complete control over where it is saved and who has access to it. Users have the choice to save clips free on the cloud for 1 day rolling or locally via the included 16GB or 32GB MicroSD card, offering flexibility, particularly if the power or internet goes down.

The high-performing Swann Wireless Xtreem Security Camera is suited to securely monitor any home and business. Other smart features included are:

●  Extremely Long Battery Life – pre-installed rechargeable 13,200mAh Lithium battery

●  True Detect heat and motion sensing – ensuring reliable alerts, fewer false alarms.

●  2-Way Talk – letting you greet guests and talk to pets, or to warn intruders.

●  Wide 110 degree view – to get a full picture with less cameras around your property

●  Infrared Night Vision – allowing you to see in the dark up to 26ft / 8 metres.

●  IP56 Weatherproof Rating – the camera can withstand rain, snow, and heat, all year.

Pricing and Availability: £179.99 Swann.com/uk 

The Swann Xtreem® Security Camera will be available online and at leading retailers in May.

The Xtreem Security Camera Secure+ Service Plan offering will also be available online in May. For a single device plan, ExtraSecurity is available for £49.50 annually or £4.95 per month. For multiple devices (up to 10), customers can opt for the ‘CompleteSecurity’ plan for £129.50 annually or £12.95 per month.

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