Review: Ajax Smart Security System

Ajax offers a Grade 2 security system, that can be connected to a central monitoring system, and competes with the likes of ADT or Pyronix. The product line features 33 gadgets, connected to a single hub which has multiple ways of staying connected and keeping you secure. Wireless communication protocols that work over long distances makes it a fully complete system, and the fact that it all operates off a single app means you are in full control of security around your home with just your smartphone.

Before I go much further, a few points to clarify, as per request from Ajax themselves:

  • The system must be purchased through their regional authorized partners — they sell original products with a manufacturer’s warranty. While you might find these online on various retailers, they are not authorised to sell them, and hence your purchase won’t be covered.
  • Ajax recommends professional installation to all users: it prevents false alarms and guarantees flawless work of the system in a life-critical situation. 

What we reviewed

While various items can be made up of a kit, this is what was sent to us:

  • Hub 2 Plus
  • Motion Cam
  • Door Protect Plus
  • FireProtect
  • LeaksProtect (flood detector)
  • SpaceControl
  • KeyPad
  • Home Siren


While I will talk you through the basic setup, I will repeat that Ajax definitely recommend using professional installation to ensure you have a good setup and your home is properly secured. However, for a lay person, the setup is reasonably easy, though I managed to find a flaw in it.

The setup starts with downloading the AJAX app on to your iOS/Android device and setting up an account.

Meanwhile, you have to plug in the HUB (Hub 2 Plus) in my case into your mains as well as an ethernet connection. You can pop in up to 2 SIMs, but I did not have SIMs to spare, so I left that. The Hub 2 Plus has a WiFi option as well, but annoyingly, unless you provide it with either an ethernet internet connection or a SIM based connection, it will not register itself onto the cloud, and won’t let you add it to your system. Once you do plug it in, all you need to do is go to add a device on your app and then scan the QR code and it will become part of your system.

From that point on, you can add all the other items you may have in your kit. They don’t need to be next to the hub, but two very clever wireless protocols allow all the devices to be in touch with the Hub 2 Plus. All you need to do is scan the QR code and follow the instructions, though sometimes it is tricky to take the back cover off that hides the QR code. After that, the device is ready for installation. This means physically mounting them in the correct places.

Annoyingly, the WiFi on my Hub 2 Plus did not connect, but everything else has been seamless.

Data gets to you regardless of speed

This is one of the most interesting aspects of this system. Even if the only connection you had available was 2G, the system will still be able to send you pictures from your camera, and other notifications. You can, of course, tackle the image quality to make it faster or slower.

Getting going

Once you have set everything up, you can ARM the device using either the physical control buttons, like the Space Control and KeyPad, or you can do it via the app. The app lets you make changes remotely, making this very easy to use.

Battery Back ups

While most of the items come with a 4-5 year battery life, the Hub 2 Plus itself offers a 16 hour battery life as well, just in case there is a power outage. While it is hard for me to test the battery life on the devices, I can happily report that they are showing full/OK in the app. I guess time will tell on that one.

Critical Alert

The app generally sets itself up as a Critical Alert. This means that your phone will alert you of any break-ins even if the sound is disabled on your phone or you are in Do Not Disturb mode. The sound is quite loud and definitely catches you out, whether you like it or not.

Testing the inputs

Of the devices I had, it was easier to test the MotionCam and the Door Protect Plus devices. Both of these show up as notifications on your phone, and if you are armed, will also raise a Critical Alarm. Remember to ensure that ACTIVE ALWAYS has been enabled for the devices on the app though. What I wasn’t able to test was how good or bad the camera is at detecting pets. I haven’t detected my cats so far, so I guess it works! The MotionCam also sends you three physical images of the motion it has detected, and the quality is reasonable, both in the day and darker conditions. It was a bit harder for me to try out the FireProtect and LeaksProtect, and in way I rather not try them out. I obviously have other smoke alarms in the house too!

Testing the outputs

The main output I had to try was the SIREN, and boy is that thing loud. Thoroughly unpleasant, just as it is intended to be! It matches the sound on the phone, which is fair!

Testing the controls

The SpaceControl pretty much mimics the app, which is fair, but easy to use when you don’t want to rely on an app.

The KeyPad is more interesting in the sense that it adds in a number-based password protection for your home. I also have to say that this is the prettiest looking alarm system I have every seen. Unlike some of the other items, the battery life is only 2 years for this.


All in all, the Ajax Security system is really simple to install, very reliable, and works super well. The app allows you to add other folk, as well as adds extra features such as 2FA. More products can be added seamlessly, and as and when your devices do their thing, you definitely hear them. Moreover, this is a security system that looks good, ensuring you show it off and deter any sinister activity around your home!

More information on the Ajax product line, as well as ways to buy them can be found via their website.

The kind of kit I have will normally cost between £500-£1000, not including installation costs, but that is generally a guide price.

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  1. Ajax has been my best gadget purchase so far 🙂
    Quite simple to operate, reliable, safe.
    Three months without major failures – decent achievement.


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