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CookingPal Unveils Multo, An Intelligent Autonomous Cooking System That Makes Home-Cooked Meals In Minutes

CookingPal, a pioneer in smart kitchen solutions, has come to the rescue of time-starved and novice cooks all around the world. Today, it announced the presale of Multo, the intelligent, autonomous cooking system that makes delicious meals materialize with minimal effort. The system is comprised of a Smart Kitchen Hub that suggests meals and provides step-by-step guides to following recipes and a Smart Kitchen Appliance that takes the work out of preparing dishes with the ability to carry out a myriad of cooking tasks!

cookingpal smart kitchen hub

First announced as a concept during CES 2020, Multo™ can be purchased at an early bird price of $799 ahead of commercial availability in July 2021. With Multo™ , meals practically make themselves as it lives up to its new name, with the ability to undertake multiple tasks in one labor-saving device. Users simply select a meal from one of its many recipes, add ingredients to the bowl as it instructs and sit back and let Multo™ do the rest. It will weigh, chop, knead, mix, cook and steam food until a meal is ready. When finished, it will even wash itself up!

Smart Kitchen Hub Makes The Ultimate Sous-Chef

At the heart of the system is the Smart Kitchen Hub, a tailor-made tablet optimized for the tough kitchen environment but portable for use anywhere in the home. It controls the kitchen appliance and allows users to browse Multo™’s growing catalogue of recipes created and tested by professional chefs exclusively for CookingPal.

The Smart Kitchen Hub lives up to its smart name. As well as providing users with step-by-step video guides to prepare recipes, it will also help them find their next favorite meal by providing recipe recommendations that factor in most viewed and cooked recipes. Multo stores recently made recipes and allows users to save their favorites so they can easily revisit recipes as needed.

When hands get messy, the touch-screen tablet features a large physical jog dial that provides familiar haptic feedback. In addition to the Smart Kitchen Hub, much of Multo’s functionality can be accessed by the dedicated CookingPal app (currently available in iOS).

Cooking Made Simple

While Multo may look like a food processor, the Smart Kitchen Appliance is one of the most sophisticated in the world and able to handle a myriad of cooking tasks with complete autonomy. As versatile as any professional chef, Multo™ has over ten culinary functions including chopping, mixing, kneading, steaming and cooking. It can also weigh ingredients with a built-in scale, regulate heat settings and self-time every step of the meal prep.


Multo by CookingPal is available for preorder for $799 at The intelligent cooking system will be commercially available in July at an increased price.

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