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Swedish sound expert Audio Pro has introduced its newest subwoofer, SW-5 – a perfect pairing to its latest launches

For over four decades, Swedish speaker manufacturer Audio Pro has designed and produced award-winning subwoofers with a small footprint but mighty sound. Its renowned 1970s subwoofer, the B2.50, is still fondly remembered amongst Hi-fi fans as a firm favourite. Launched by the company’s founder, the subwoofer was praised for its small size, built-in amplifiers, and unique ACE bass technology.

audio pro amplifier

Audio Pro’s historic B2.50 has influenced the company’s direction and is still at the core of its product development today, inspiring its various subwoofers which have been adapted to meet its evolving speakers’ needs. 2020 saw Audio Pro introduce the SW- 10, its most powerful subwoofer. Following this, 2021 introduces its scaled back SW-5 – the go-to for customers looking for a simple subwoofer to amplify the sound of their speakers.

Jens Henriksen, CCO at Audio Pro, explains; “For many years, our Addon SUB has been extremely popular with customers looking for an affordable, yet impactful, subwoofer. As we update our product range with a new generation of speakers and subs, the SW-5 fills the Addon SUB’s gap. Its small, efficient form supports the likes of the C5 and C10 perfectly, alongside alternative speakers with a sub output.” 

“The SW-5 produces just the right level of sound”, continues Henriksen, “Put simply, it offers a ‘basic sub’ in relation to the others in our range but performs at a much higher level than your average subwoofer, with an impressive bass making your body literally vibrate.”

“We see SW-5 as the ultimate subwoofer for those looking for excellent value for money and a small speaker with remarkable audio, meaning the SW-5 is ‘just right’ in every sense.” 

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