Haier washing machine

Professional Washing Results at Home

The Haier 39 Series of washing machines is a highly efficient range of laundry products that not only gives you professional-level results at home but also saves you energy and time while doing it. The introduction of a new graphite model further complements the stylish and premium laundry range.

Haier washing machine

Those everyday stains will be no match for this Haier washing machine. With up to a 10kg drum capacity, this model is ideal for large and busy households. It comes with a 15-minute quick wash program too and because the steam setting loosens the fibers in your fabrics, your clothes will be less creased – which helps to reduce your ironing. The Direct Motion Motor is super-quiet as well, meaning it won’t overpower your television if your living area is open plan.

These impressive washing machines will also deliver excellent results without making excessive noise thanks to the ultra-quiet Direct Motion Motor. Haier is dedicated to providing tailor-made, premium solutions that can adapt to everyone’s needs.

Summary of innovative technology and features:

Direct motion motor

Complete with a lifetime guarantee, the motor operates without a belt, and is attached directly to the drum. Not only does this significantly reduce noise, vibration and energy consumption, it also increases durability. The direct motion motor makes this washing machine perfect for uninterrupted, open plan living

ABT (Anti-Bacterial Treatment)

An exclusive Haier Anti-Bacterial Treatment material that protects against mould and bacteria forming in vulnerable areas, such as the detergent drawer and door seal. Helping to keep your clothes feeling and smelling fresh, as well as preventing those unwanted damp odours

Steam Technology

This clever function in Haier washing machines diffuses steam and detergent inside the drum, relaxing the fibres of your laundry and improving the removal stubborn dirt and stains. The steam also makes ironing your clothes much easier

24 Hr Delay Start programme

Select when you want your washing cycle to finish. Set your finish time for up to 24 hours in advance. Decide when you need your cycle to end, and the washing machine will automatically calculate the starting time.

Auto Weight programme

An Auto Weight programme ensures it’s economical too, as it calculates the ideal cycle time and the amount of water to use, based on the washing load.

Energy Efficient

This model will feature the new energy label ratings and move from “A+++-40%” to “A”, which is the highest NEL rating available for washing machines, for a simpler, easier to understand rating system.

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