LG showcases A-rated products following today’s launch of new EU Energy Relabelling system

Today marks the launch of the new EU Energy Relabelling system which will set a new standard of eco-efficiency for UK home appliances.


The new system aims to simplify ratings for consumers and will hold brands to a higher efficiency standard, helping consumers understand exactly how efficient and eco-friendly products are before purchasing so they can minimize their carbon footprint and energy expenditure.

The new system uses A to G rankings only, instead of A+++ to D ratings as before. You can find more information on the classifications and obligations of manufacturers.

As an industry leader in eco-innovation, we wanted to share a few of LG’s top-rated products under the new system, including some of the only A-rated products in Europe. 

‘A’ Rating LG Products

The LG DoorCooling GBB92MCBAP Fridge Freezer has received an extremely rare ‘A’ rating in the new energy relabelling system thanks to innovative technology such as the Centum system where the LG Inverter Linear Compressor creates less internal friction, which leads to better reliability and durability. It has a 20-year warranty following testing by the institute VDE, meaning consumers know they are getting their money’s worth. With a noise emission class rating of ‘B’, this model also has a Quiet Mark badge to let consumers know they can expect low noise pollution. 

The LG Turbowash360 F4V909BTSE 9kg Washing Machine offers consumers plenty of innovative technology to help make laundry easier, faster, and more efficient with this model securing ‘A’ ratings for energy, spin, and noise efficiency which are the highest ratings to achieve. With this LG washing machine consumers have the option to reduce cycle time and clothes damage with less energy so they have the choice of settings depending on their needs. To finish off, the Steam+ technology helping to eliminate 99.9% of allergens and looks after fabrics so consumers can enjoy their clothes for a longer period of time and live sustainably. 

‘B’ Rating LG Products

The LG Turbowash FWV796STSE 1400rpm Washer Dryer provides consumers with an all-in-one appliance that helps save space in the home and make more room for families. It’s AI DD intelligent care provides 18% more fabric protection by detecting the weight and softness of the fabric and choosing the optimal washing pattern, helping clothes last longer. The model’s boosted external durable and elegant tempered glass door, as well as the hygienic and durable stainless lifter, enhance the product’s longevity and reassures customers they will continue to receive hygienic care for a long period of use.

The LG Turbowash F4V710WTSE 10.5kg Washing Machine has also received a commendable ‘B’ rating and offers a bigger drum capacity in the same size as other models. With ThinQ smart technology, consumers can operate their laundry remotely and download additional cycles, easily interacting with the appliance and accessing the latest innovations with Wi-Fi connectivity to ensure they are choosing the settings that suit their needs best.

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